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Monthly Update #1: New Office, Tokyo Game Show, September Pick-a-Magnus, Game Progress

Hey guy! Time flies and we can't believe it has been a month since our campaign has ended. How's everyone doing? We hope all of you are doing awesome in life!

Let's talk about our first update! Our original plan was to continue working on the game in our old office till the game is released, but due to the theft incident, we had no choice but to find a safer place. For those of you who are worried about data loss, worry not as we have backup upon backup upon backup so it's all good! It just takes a little time to restore them.

The new office will be ready in early November and we're currently setting up a temporary office in a space provided by our local government agency. They have been really helpful and supporting us throughout the whole theft incident so we're really grateful for that. Here's our temporary office! <3

It's so pretty! Even if it's temporary, we're really glad that we will be able to spend some time here working on the game. We will be posting more picture of our new office when it's ready!

Moving on to the next item on the list, it's Tokyo Game Show 2017! We've been really excited about this game expo in particular as Japanese games has always been with us since our childhood. It's really heartwarming that we're able to showcase our game in Japan because we are able to meet people that has inspired Re:Legend. Words could not describe how happy we are when we get to see all the legendary creators!

This image above is Re:Legend's booth while it's being setup!

This is during the public day one! So many people have visited the booth and are interested in Re:Legend! Happy times! :D

The overall experience was superb and we've learnt so many things through our conversation with many awesome people. Our next stop for game expo: Korea G-Star! We're sure it will be another eye-opening experience and we can't wait!

Up next would be the monthly Pick-a-Magnus that we've promised! We're sure many of you are looking forward to this so without further ado, here's the rules of the minigame:

Pick-a-Magnus Rules:

1) We will be posting a set of Magnus concept labelled from A - J.

2) You will go through every single one of them and select your favorite concept.

3) Leave a comment about your pick and explain why.

4) The Magnus with the most votes will be added to Re:Legend in-game.

Note: you can only select ONE, so pick carefully.

The winner will be selected on next Monday so the monthly Pick-a-Magnus will last for a week. Have fun!

Last but not least, let's talk about our progress on the game itself! We have been working on the new structure of the game so it could fit our new design better as we progress. Since the scope of the game has changed quite a bit compared to the point when we just started, it's a better choice to start working on the base now so it will not affect the future content.

We're spending most of our time working on code optimization and multiplayer structure so there's not much of a visual changes going on with the game right now. It is to prepare the game for future updates and improve our production pipelines.

That is all for the update and we hope you enjoy it! Surveys will be sent sometime next month so stay tuned! :D

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