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Monthly Update #7: Signing of Publishing Agreement with 505 Games, Music Updates from Falk, Alpha Ke

What’s up guys! This has been a very eventful month for everyone of us here in Magnus Games Studio and we are really excited to share with you guys three new updates! :D

To start off, we are pleased to announce a publishing agreement with the renowned game publisher, 505 Games.*fanfare* We are proud to say that 505 Games will be our official partner to release Re:Legend globally on the digital platform; Steam. We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with 505 Games and absolutely looking forward to this collaboration for many more years to come.

As a fact, we have some pictures of the signing session to share as proof that it happened!

(From left to right) Welson Gan, Co-founder of Magnus Games Studio; DC Gan, Director and Co-founder of Magnus Games Studio; and Raffaele Galante, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Bros Group at the signing ceremony.

Our Directors, Welson Gan and DC Gan are posing for a picture after the signing ceremony! :D

Our Directors with the representatives from 505 Games at our Studio!

Next on the agenda, our awesome composer Falk and his team are hard at work and they have something to share with all our lovely backers as well! This particular update is a continuation of January and more insight into how we’re approaching the music for the Homestead and Vokka Village.

Everyone here at Magnus and 505 Games absolutely value quality over rushed production; ironing out all the bugs while keeping the game fun has always been our priority as we want to deliver the best possible experience. As such, we humbly apologize as the Backer’s Beta(Or more like Alpha in this case, because we have yet to hit the store) will have to be delayed. With that said, we have something to turn those frown upside down! Are you guys ready for it?! *ATTENTION* We are giving away Alpha Keys to 5 lucky winner’s friend! <3 Yes, you read it right! As Re:Legend is best served with a side of smiles and adventuring with friends and loved ones, we would want this opportunity for you to have your buddies tag along in your awesome adventures!

Last but not least, it’s our Pick-A-Magnus minigame time! :D We have heard your concerns regarding the last few Pick-A-Magnus and we have obliged! As such, we are glad to announce that the monthly Pick-A-Magnus minigame will now have a theme (and maybe less cutesy Magnus). For the month of March; it'll be insectoid Magnus with a focus on fire element!

Pick-a-Magnus Rules:

1) We will be posting a set of Magnus concept labelled from A - J.

2) You will go through every single one of them and select your favorite concept.

3) Leave a comment about your pick and explain why.

4) The Magnus with the most votes will be added to Re:Legend in-game.

Note: you can only select ONE, so pick carefully.

The winner will be selected on next Monday so the monthly Pick-a-Magnus will last for a week. Have fun! <3

For more details on the latest updates, please visit our Kickstarter page:

Thank you! <3

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