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Magnus Raising

Mythical creatures known as "Magnus" roams the land of Ethia, the world where Vokka island resides.


Every single Magnus is tamable and they will aid you in many ways such as combat, farming, fishing, travelling and so much more! They will also grow differently depending on your care!


Cultivate the farm of Vokka island to acquire food and materials for the village or yourself. 


Growing crops are not limited to land as Vokka island allows you to grow crops and keep exotic fishes underwater! Dive into the crystal clear water and farm to your heart content!


World of Ethia is filled with dangerous wild life and combat skills are essential for survival.

Wield any weapon you desire at any given time and you are not restricted by weapon classes.

You can also mount your beloved Magnus to combat through your adventure!

Vokka Village

Vokka Village is where you new life begins! Befriend local villagers and join exciting festivals together to have a good time.

Pay attention to their needs and help them out in their daily lives so they can help you retrieve your lost memories.

Life Skills

Practice makes perfect! You will gain living skills as you practice them frequently.

They level-up organically as you carry out the activities.


Example Living Skills:
Mining, Fishing, Logging, Crafting, Farming, Weaponry and much more!



While you can enjoy the game alone, why not share the fun with your friends?!

Carry out the activities together and share the precious memories! Together you shall conquer the world! Or just kick back and relax while your friends do all the work! :D

Number of Players: 1 - 4

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