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Feb 9

Suggestion: Time and Menus


Hey there! Enjoying my time with the alpha so far, but something stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I was looking at all of my cool pieces of armor and weapons I could one day make in the blacksmith menu, then suddenly the screen went black and I woke up in the hospital. Time had been passing the whole browsing experience and my character apparently sat their for six hours while I was looking to see what I could one day create. This seems like a pretty serious oversight to me, as I think all menus should pause the game in single player. That, or the game's day-night cycle should be configurable to be longer or shorter for the players preference. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I found it rather glaring myself.

One other thing I'd like is if time could pause during conversations as well. I wanna take my time to get to know this colorful and cute cast of characters, and that's hard when I have to rush to them. Also some still move when I am trying to talk to them.

Feb 9

This happened to me also

Feb 10

This happened to me too. I had just got in at 1 A.M. from farming and noticed the level up blinking next to my character's health and stamina bars. Went to go investigate all of the tabs and BAM, passed out and ticked off lol. I have never had a farming type game where when I paused the game, time did not stop with it.

Haven't passed out yet; cut it close once though. I agree that time should pause during conversations and menus.

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