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Feb 9

Suggestions so far...


Edited: Feb 9

1. Not sure if this will mess things up but NPCs move too much, can they stop when talked too? Likewise the first fight vs the 2 magus saving Emila they attack while you are reading the tutorial!


2. Controller support will be a must, accuracy with 4 main directions isnt great with WASD


3. Options menu obviously will exist, please allow keybind/controller and audio adjustments. Foot steps seem a bit too loud. Resolutions for ultra wide would be a nice bonus.




3. Time moves very fast, not game breaking but feels like its late at night before I can get into the combat zone after a few farm things.


4. The first combat zone quest to fight the Prunperor is insanly hard lol. 8 vs 1 at lvl 2-3

EDIT: It seems it was a glitch and there were 2 set of enemies spawned instead of the intended 3.


If I think of any more, ill post

Feb 9

Yep I was having this issue as well. I wish they would stop moving when you get close to them to allow you to initiate conversation.

I agree, I wish time was a little slower, maybe fave a Fast Forward button option for those who don't mind?

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