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Sep 3, 2017

@ Magnus Games (Content Suggestions)


Edited: Sep 3, 2017

First off, let me say these suggestions came from our Discord group! Cat3 and PinappleFish, helped come to these ideas.


(Please all be considerate and follow Magnus Games' forum posting - No harassment, profanity, and be respectful. Thank you!)


Additionally, please understand if these ideas are implemented they quite possibly will not be implemented as their initial phase of game release.


Market System


The Market System can be a very complex system to implement into any game. Open markets can lead to inflations and ruin PvE gameplay. Especially, when a game is mostly consisted of crafting and building their endgame weapons or materials. SO, implementing is difficult. Also, building a server to handle these kinds of markets can become tricky. So bare in mind these implementations may not work with Magnus Game's servers or compatibility. These are suggestions! :)


HOWEVER, our proposal is to have an open marketplace system (online only). It will take the player to a UI (User Interface) with all "Player Shops" they want to put in the marketplace. The marketplace will be dealt in, in-game currency and bargaining (to be discussed further below).


Here's where we place restrictions to the marketplace in order to prevent problems listed above.


Restriction #1


Player's below 5 levels of weapon in store cannot be purchased.

Level 55 weapon cannot be purchased by level 49 and below.


Restriction #2


Player's can purchase crafting materials in limited amounts (1-5 units) if they have not explored the area where the materials are located.


Diamond Ores located from Fire Plaines (Unexplored) will be allowed only to purchase 1-5 units of Diamond Ores.

Diamond Ores located from Fire Plaines (Explored) can be purchased.

Additionally, anyone who do not have sufficient funds for materials can bargain for materials for crafted weapons or visa versa.


Rules and Regulations


1) Marketplace restriction #1 and 2 still applies.

2) Shopkeepers can select whether an item can be bargained for or not:

2a) Shopkeepers selecting to bargain must select a bargain item.

3) Buyers can request to bargain for said item by making a request.

4) Shopkeepers must finalize approval and item will be traded.


"Trading Magnus" (Breeding System)


Trading Magnus is a big NO because it can ruin endgame gameplay. Since this game is derived on Co Op/Multiplayer. The only solution is combine Breeding and Trading.


Since Breeding is purely aesthetics, no stat increases are involved in breeding. It would be safe to say you if one player has a tier 2 breeded magnus and player 2 have a tier 3 of the SAME magnus breed, they can meetup in co op and they can breed. Each player will receive an egg. Once, the players return to their worlds, they can hatch them there.


(This is a work in progress idea) because we do not know how Magnus Games plans on taking their multiplayer system. Magnus Games feel free to share us on how you plan on getting people connected through multiplayer. If it is anything like Fantasy Life, I have a few ideas to pitch, but as of yet they are incomplete.

Sep 4, 2017

The online market sounds interesting but we're not sure if it will do well with the current direction of the game. We will keep it in mind during the development.


As for breeding in multiplayer, that is something we plan to implement as well. :)

Sep 4, 2017

I figure that it wouldn't be in your scope of the gameplay. I am just putting it as a suggestion as it was mentioned a few times by the community. Glad that you have read it ! I love that the idea of breeding would be implemented. Looking forward to the beta!

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