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Aug 31

Bug Report


1. When I first went to Emilia's shop, she was standing outside and gave me a quest to grow fruit from seeds she had never given me. Also, Pia then walked into Emilia and their models were on top of each other such that I could no longer speak to Emilia, only Pia. I reloaded an earlier save and this time Emilia was inside her shop and gave me the seeds.


2. Sometimes when I left click the mouse to make the dialogue load faster it advances to the next screen of dialogue instead of completing what I was reading, making me miss dialogue. An option to make the dialogue load faster might fix this.


3. In Lloyd's first quest cut scene he asks for copper but the quest text on the right side asks for iron and copper.


4. When I went to Hugo's shop for the first time the counter top was raised up and blocked Hugo such that I could not see him at first. Is this intentional?

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