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Feb 9

Bug Report

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Edited: Feb 9

* Menus do not pause the game. I was attacked by the magnus in the first battle while trying to read the tutorial and ended up passing out later when I entered a menu to pause the game and left for a few minutes.


* The tutorial battle ended abruptly before either of the magnus were beaten.


* Is there supposed to be a question mark in the description for the Wisdom stat?


* The first slot in the shipping bin doesn't allow items in it.


* My dragonewt disappeared after being K.O.'d until I re-added him to the party in the barn menu. I'm not sure if magnus are supposed to stay dead or go back to the barn, but mine was stuck in a weird limbo where the barn ledger listed my dragonewt, despite it not existing anywhere until added back to my party via the ledger

Feb 10

*After saving then loading the game, everyone's text boxes are blank until going to bed


* Jig wouldn't talk to me for several days. May be related to above issue


* In Hugo's shop you can run through the counter


* The stats graph disappears periodically


* Not actually a bug, but time passes way too quickly, especially for a game in which running is limited to a small amount of stamina that is shared by all other abilities


* Again not a bug, but there's little to no explanation for a lot of things like getting off your mount or the ability to charge your tools. I had to sit and just hit buttons for several minutes to figure out how to get off my mount, and players new to these types of games wouldn't know to check to see if they can charge their tools to affect a larger area.


* Expanding the mini map also removes the background for the time and date, leaving just floating text


* Throwing food to your magnus does not heal it, but eating the food yourself does


* Walls and pillars get in the way of the camera constantly and only sometimes turn transparent


* Magenta is in the town square every day and has spoken to me, but introduces herself after being rescued in the temple


* Magenta will ask if you know where Vokka town is, despite currently being in Vokka town.


* The level requirements on the equipment aren't good. Either equipment that good shouldn't be showing up this early, the exp from monsters needs to be increased so that I am the appropriate level for the area in which I'm finding the equipment or the level restriction should be removed.


* Magnus in the party will attack magnus who have already been defeated and then get stuck at that spot until the player leaves the area


* Smooth jazz is not appropriate music for the cut-scene that plays with the temple boss, which also seems to be missing sound effects


* The difficulty spike between the rest of the temple and the boss is a bit extreme


* Several magnus either display the wrong hit area or none at all for their attacks


* Loot often drops in places where it can't be recovered;

- On stairs

- On top of water

- Out of bounds

- Through the floor


* If you miss the trough when trying to feed your magnus, you need to roll behind the feeding area to recover the food. Perhaps consider extending the hit-box for the through to the back wall to avoid this


* Occasionally, picking up an item will freeze the character until the player hits escape and then dodge-rolls


* Treasure chests continue to give out items after being used


* After taming Longjaw, the magnus next to him allow him to kill them without doing anything

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