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Feb 9

General Bug Reports - All in one edition!


Edited: Feb 10

Started having alot of posts, going to list all mine here:


1. Sub Quest Fishing for Action, which you get in the building in the combat zone, has no objective.

2. Plumose item, restores 10 SP but shows a 0 when eaten.\

3. Enemies killed next to boarders or set items like logs can have items drop into unreachable areas.

4. Drag and drop of items into the vendor bin has 2 issues

A. Can not put items in some slots like slot one, not sure why

B. Had a situation where Dragging one of the items to a slot caused it to stay on screen and not actual go into the bin, exiting the bin resulted in its item sprite staying on screen in the top right area


5. At start of a new game, using the hoe and clicking the mouse button in field and holding it as the hoed area appears freezes your character until you doge roll.


6. Inconsistent Hoe? First game run I was able to use the 3x3 super hoe move to make 6 plots in a swing at start, now I can not in a new game(and bug 5 above happens)


7. Trying to save right as you get the quest to find the guardian, for some reason resulted in not being able to save. Based on other "cant save" posts might just be a fluke it happened here.

Feb 9Edited: Feb 9

A major bug occurred, going to list it separately for now

After complete of King this emperor quest, a few days in, after save/close (which resulted in a crash) the quest log is wiped completely.


Moving forward to where I think we are intended to go got a quest called "A Goblin Event" but nothing triggers and there is a goblin? in the NE part of the map that I can not talk to

Feb 10

Discovered a bug in the Temple with a chest that contain a chest item that sold for 400g, that if I left that area and zoned back in the chest had respawn with the same item.

Feb 12

- I would be nice to really see where the character is on the Map not only the area they are in.

- When my Magnus dies, I always need to run back to my Home. Its pretty anoying and a summon option in the menu would be nice.

- I had a really bad time doing my farm. Sometimes I spend 2 min. just to pick up one wood piece.

- I dont really have a problem with loading screens, but they are everywhere and they take there sweet time to load :(

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