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Sep 2

Re: Legend first glance issues



Re:Legend first thoughts Farming: Orientation for layout of farm area is exact opposite of orientation of movement making it very difficult at times to use the hoe, watering can, or even harvest crops. This applies to both the farm on land, and the farm underwater. This makes a game with a large emphasis on farming, make you hate your time spent farming. Combat: Animations are very clunky and slow and overall feels pretty poor. Great sword and mage staff animations are even slower and you can not cancel any animations to dodge making these 2 weapon types seem almost pointless when you can guarantee being hit a few times because of slow cast or swing animations. Many times when unsheathing weapons with left click, you immediately swing and put yourself in another animation that can not be interrupted. A lot of times during swinging a weapon or dodges your body gets stuck in an animation that restricts you from doing any actions except movement until you find the correct button to get unstuck from the animation. That button could be F, LMB, RMB, or space, good luck figuring it out before you get hit by something. Most wild magnus attack indicator boxes are not even close to actual area affected (might be intentional, but why even offer the indicator box if it is not a reference to area affected). Healing is a chore. If you get hit you then have to equip a healing item (animation 1), you have to consume healing item (animation 2), you have to unequip healing item (animation 3), and draw weapon again (animation 4). All animations in the process can not be interrupted which leads to taking significantly more damage during the process of healing. Magnus: Magnus are constantly in the way and the action to mount a magnus is the same key as every other action. Trying to pick up items of a defeated magnus, i think not, you wanted to mount your magnus, or you could take a nice loop around the room to get your pets out of the way first. Dismounting a magnus only works about 50% of the time. If it does not work, you can move and try dismounting again, and repeat the process until it finally works. The animation for dismounting always appears as if you are getting stuck on something and then falling a second time. The tutorial for taming magnus was very lacking, and the learning curve even for the first draconewt was quite steep. You can feed some magnus the “loved treat” up to 20 times and still not get the possibility to tame them. Some other magnus have the “loved treat” show as cooked meat, but they hate cooked meat when it is given to them (stubjaw and longjaw in the specific example). There is NO explanation at all for how to level up your magnus or where to even find where to spend magnus skill points. It requires you to just go searching through all the menus until you stumble upon it. UI: When picking up items they immediately go to any open slots in the tool belt. If you decide you do not want an item on the tool belt, you can click and drag it into the backpack (which also has to be VERY accurate or that whole animation is cancelled when letting go of left click a few mm off of intended drop). It will not auto stack these items later though, it will start a new stack on the tool belt again if you pick up the exact same item type. Leaving you with a lot of small stacks of the same items and constant inventory management is required. There is still not a sort feature to help with this either (i have seen that sort is a point of interest in future updates). When accessing the chest/stash in your house, you can not access your tool belt at the same time as the chest meaning you have to empty your backpack, exit the chest, move items from tool belt to backpack, then access the chest again to empty for a second time. Certain menus should be on different hotkeys. For example if your backpack (or inventory) is bound to “I”, then “I” should always open your inventory. Currently it just goes back to the tab that was last accessed which could be character stats, magnus stats or any of about 16 other menus that are available. Overlapping keybindings are a problem in many other ways as well. Trying to talk to an NPC near an exit gate is flipping a coin on if you will talk or exit the area. NPC’s will actually stack on top of one another from time to time making it impossible to speak with some. The overlay map transparency needs to be down a bit further, because a lot of objects disappear behind the large overlay map making it something that most people will never use even though it is a very useful tool. Saving: When saving your game it just lists 3 slots and lets you choose which to save to. It does not have any information on the data currently in each slot like character name, last updated/saved time and date, or any information to help distinguish between different save files. It is a memory game of which save file you loaded, and which you need to save to every time. Quest givers: Many of the NPC’s in town offer quests. Most of them start by you finding them, speaking with them, physically clicking “quest” while speaking with them, only to be told that you need to go and find them in a certain location to receive a quest from them. Even when you find them in the area that is required, it seems like it only works at a very specific trigger point if at all, making it difficult to start or progress some quest lines. Stamina: Stamina depletion seems very unbalanced currently. The character can chop wood and mine almost all day and not run out of stamina but you want to craft a few pieces or armor or cook some meat, there goes the whole day of stamina.

Settings: All settings must be reset EVERY SINGLE TIME the game is launched. Want to change audio so it doesn’t like the magnus are about to bust your eardrums, you will have to change it every time you launch the game because settings do not stay where you set them. Camera: Most zones have design on the bottom/southern side, or even walls in some thinner corridors. When getting close to these edges the design of the world does not disappear or become transparent making it impossible to see your character or anything else happening behind. When avoiding certain magnus, you tend to find yourself wasting time trying to move them around the map for extra time just to find a place where you can actually see what is going on and not get hit simply because the area design is in the way. This is a list i made of my issues with the game so far that i have found. i played about 8 hours worth, so i know i barely scratched the surface but this is my first impression. I had many crashes during this time that made me finally give up and i will come back later to try again. I kickstarted this because i believed it had so much promise as an almost stardew and pokemon mashup. I still believe it has a lot of potential but since the original release was actually expected for June 2018 and it took them original expected development time + 14 extra months, i expected this to be a much more smooth and polished game. There were a lot of things i liked too that i did not post about, mainly because after my first 8 hours, i did not feel that any of the good even began to outweigh the bad, and in the current state this is not a game i would recommend.

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