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Feb 9

Alpha suggestions/issues


all walking seems slow in this game


magnus are slow and the sprint consumes alot of dragonewt stamina for being so slow thought it wasn't sprinting


time continues in menu maybe only have that in multiplayer?


no way to pause


stamina does not seem to regen maybe make sprint use a different resource if you dont want stamina regen?


wild mushroom listed as not edible but you can eat them


capture mini game is a bit confusing


aoe markers are hard to see especially in water/vegetation.


The first mini-boss crab is hard for melee weapons with its persistent lightning aoe.


The items in the field re spawn quickly and there is no easy way to pick them up.


Might help to add a water planting tutorial as it toke me awhile to figure out those little fishes meant to tend it with f


Would help to have some sort of tending tutorial as i still cannot figure out what to feed the magnus

The whole Look is a bit tooo Blurry and yeah everythings a little to slow i think.

Yes, I agree that a pause button or stopping time in the menu would be great. I don't appreciate dying while trying to read the "How-To" menus.


I've found that the cut scenes and text boxes are super laggy. I'd like to see a graphics use preference button to reduce the frame rate for computers with less RAM.


A customizable button preference menu would be nice too, for those who are used to a specific button sequence. ( like having the arrow keys instead of wasd. or more options for controllers)


Making the interaction space larger. I've found it difficult to get the exact spacing to interact with the objects/people.


Maybe a quick save option in your inventory menu?

Feb 9

Let me start off first saying I am loving the game and what I know it will become, Thanks to the Developers!

That being said, I do have some concerns:




Magnus will glitch in a cave (sometimes outside a cave) in that it won't attack or move anymore, with the only way to get it to move is to ride it, yet still won't fight on own tell I zoned.


Killing mobs in cave will at times cause the loot to drop in way that makes me unable to pickup.




* No way to pause


* Time moves WAY to fast. (which is made worst by not being able pause) Especially, if you stop to pickup your Magnus, supplies, or whatever, so once you go out to fight mobs or such, you need to held back before 2am in no time.


* Item selection can be difficult, since such a narrow window to get the pickup prompt.


* To high of a respawn rate for items in your farm area, I cleared it completely the first few days, then gave up doing that because the next day so many of the ferns, stone, and stomps had respawned.


* Better tutorials because there is to much key information unknown, like using "G" to dismount your Magnus are omitted from the game, though since this is early in the game, I understand that this probably will be address in later builds, but still I wanted to mention.


* The blurry view effect the game has in quite a few areas and cinematics, not sure what it is since we don't get access to graphics options yet.


* Sprint being tied to stamina, why? I understand limiting stamina for farming and other such activities, but tying sprint to that as well. Sprint needs its own bar, that regenerates like a normal sprint.


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