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Feb 11

Horrible bug + feedback

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*was going to fight Prunperor and got aggro as soon as i entered the next zone, heard noise of being hit and my magus dying in loading screen then after the cut-scene was over out of the area and could not see my character or anything but was able to see my attack flashing.



*running using up too much stamina and made the beginning very slow until i got my magus

*right clicking items to equip and deposit would be very helpful

*a setting to see tool tips that have been given since i forgot how to roll and there was no keybinding screen to check what button it was

*on map to show what shops are in what region

*having hp bars on trees and rocks to see how much damage i am doing to know how long it will take

*holding the button to cut trees and mine rocks so i wont have to click spam

Feb 11

yeah I agree, with the walk/run it takes ages to get around so running back from the caves i end up passing out before i can get home. I pass out a lot because its slow to get around.


I feel like the map needs a lot more work and details yep


and def need holding button to use tool

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