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Aug 31

Bugs, glitches, and things I noticed


Edited: Aug 31

As one would expect, playing the game for a bit we all come across some bugs and such that catch our attention. Sometimes minor, sometimes major. Thankfully, most of what I've run into are probably relatively minor things, but I didn't see them in the posts from other players (that I could find), so I'll put some of them up here. First time I've had a chance to post them since my account got authorized (found the bugs 16-20 hours ago..?) so maybe some have been found and fixed? These were all found in single player.


-Talking to the nurse NPC again right after you get the first quest to go to the Mayor, you can already check on the quest she has. Clicking it however gives no dialogue and just has a short cutscene where she and the penguin NPC move to the bed you were laying on. Not sure if the quest is doable (haven't tried that much, since it was low on my list of priorities), but speaking to her outside the hospital doesn't seem to do anything.


-Inaccessible shell chest thing along the coast in the camping area of Vokka Town (hard to tell, but my character is running at it and cannot get any closer). Just me? Maybe has something that triggers it? Never figured it out.



-Crafting skill description did indeed say that getting the order of steps right can give a bonus on some items, but this was just... Inventory spam. 10 (maybe more, since inventory got full) at once is a bit overdoing it. More often it's 2-5 at once, but...


-Sometimes enemies freeze in mid-combat. Can't really tell from the screenshot, but the enemy I was attacking turned into a punching bag.


-Died to the Temple boss, then was completely unable to select any items on my hotbar until I saved and reloaded the game. It made me think I was going to have to scrap the save since I couldn't use them despite nothing else seeming to be wrong. Used a separate save slot to check just in case (didn't want to doom the original save if it wasn't fixed after all) and it did get fixed, but... Still concerning.


-Not sure if this is only in this area, or if there are others like it, but there is a patch of ground in the Temple that doesn't allow ground effects to be displayed. As in, if an effect overlaps that part of the ground, the ground shows on top of it. Maybe caused by a layering issue where that section exists as a different component for the map with a higher priority level or something?


-Depending on position of the player and their Magnus, sometimes enemies cannot path to the player. Maybe intentional, and the fact that attacking causes characters to move slightly has a chance to fix it, but it is still possible to defeat enemies without allowing them to get close quite easily.


-Random light flashing when walking around the Temple entrance at night. The light in the screenshot appears and disappears (sometimes quite quickly) as you move up and down the stairs. More just irritating than an actual problem.


-Repeated text in some quests (popberry turn-in, she tells you to wait a moment, says something else, then repeats the part about waiting a moment).


-This one was mentioned in another post. Sometimes NPCs get stuck inside one another making it extremely difficult to talk to one of them (not impossible, may have to do with where you stand?) Couldn't figure out the conditions to speak to one or the other specifically, but it was technically possible to speak to both (possibly because one was smaller than the other?)


-Overfishing. Similar to the issue with crafting? One attempt to catch the fish you ride on resulted in the image below (one of them was already thrown into my fish pond, so it actually filled my inventory other than the hotbar). Not sure if this is due to a quest reward or glitch or what. Another quest I checked the quest log (which feels very unclear and incomplete) about showed 30 of the fish in the reward panel.


-Forest Biome. Unless the issue is just me, that alone should suffice to get my point across to the Dev team. I know that the message said "Up to the Forest Biome," but since it was made it available to go to, I made my way there (assuming it was the Forest Biome I reached, not entirely sure since I didn't double check the map). Enemy Magnus AI is botched (they don't attack, just very, very slowly try to run away), you cannot open the information regarding Forest Biome Magnus (clicking it just stays on the Vokka Island page), and there seem to be issues with some quest NPCs. Seems the quests (for the most part, to what I played to) are working, but... Well, hard to say how far they're available to. I've stopped messing with it since it's so obviously broken.

Botched AI. Enemy won't attack and just slowly moves.


Flying Magnus NPC. Moves around as the player moves.


-Shop pricing. Emilia's shop's second page prices are all wrong (display doesn't match the price you buy at).






And that's it for now. I think. I've probably forgotten something or other that I wanted to put up, but hopefully I got them all up here. If any of these has already been found and fixed, feel free to mention that so that people and the devs know not to worry about it as much.

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