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Feb 16

Lots of glitches to report


Edited: Feb 16

The most common glitch I experience is f and click not working, mostly on the tool kit equip items. Such as fertalizer, hoe, planting a seed. My usual fix is to go to inventory and exit and that usually fixes it. Sometimes I have to leave the map and go back to get it to work.


im also not a computer gamer and I totally forgot the key to dismount my dragon newt ( within like 10 seconds) it would be nice if the Lew was a way to view the key commands for when you forget.


Also so the first mounting I could not dismount at all ( presses every key) the next day I found out it was G. But it wasn’t working the first time.


i can not keep my dragon newt’s name to Newton :( it always goes back to dragon newt. He is also always in the brink of starviMarion no matter how much I hand feed him. Hearts also do not grow and I can’t pet him.



I once was stuck right after going To a different town map. Like an invisible wall. I went through back to the map I just came from and then went back to get unstuck.


there also was an event with kai roots that no villager came to tell me about not any mail. I just happened to walk by when it was to late To participate in it.



* updates*


2/16 - tried out water crops. F is also glitchy for them to shop away fishes.


Something new: my character stopped moving in battle and kinda slid across the field Where I told it to move to. Wouldn’t attack again and the character wasnt animated anymore.


love the cuteness of the game!! Can’t wait for all the glitches to be gone and it released!!!

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