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Feb 10

Backer Alpha Report


Hello! Some concerns, suggestions, and bugs on the game after playing the Backer's Alpha for a few hours:


- Menus/tutorials do not pause time

- Talking to NPCs does not stop them from walking away (perhaps similar issue to above?)

- Pressing the Space bar when not moving still drains the stamina bar

- Running/dodging should exhaust a different bar that recharges

- The stamina drain after 2 AM seems a bit inconvenient, but that may be because I am still at a low level

- Not sure what happened below. I trying exiting the menu by pressing esc, and it looks like I opened some sort of command prompt at the bottom? I couldn't exit after that, so I had to restart the game.

- Was planting and the planting indicator got stuck:


This is a fun game so far though despite the alpha bugs. I am definitely looking forward to the polished version!

Feb 10

So, if you pick a plant that has bloomed while watering it, the water can runs infinitely until you put it away or enter a menu. It actually doesn't water more plants, but I do believe this is a bug.




Feb 10

So I figured out what caused that command prompt to pop up. It happens when I press the ~ key. One more possible bug I noticed was when fighting the island boss. When my magnus were damaging the boss, the damage numbers were popping up above me instead of the boss. Not sure if intended or not:



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