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Jan 25, 2018

Salutations, fellow backers!


I've never backed anything on Kickstarter before, but this project struck such a chord with me and came along early in the development of my own game. I felt, not only because I was excited by the project, but also karmically, like now would be a good time to pitch in on the indie dev scene.

That being said, we're supposed to supply a zip of our backer art reference in the Kickstarter survey, and label it by our backer number. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE TO FIND THAT?

In the meanwhile, I might as well post my sketches here. Feedback more than welcome!


My weapon, Schipbreke, is a greatsword. A massive hunk of iron with a polished cutlass edge. Capable of sending a seaworthy vessel to the depths with a few blows to the hull. An additional handle was bored and ropped up in the lower middle of the blade to assist with lifting and maneuvering the cumbersome thing.


My Magnus is a sentient mountain cactus that has forged a symbiotic relationship with a deceased young creature.

Juvenile: Bonzeye (bones-eye) It seems a bit macabre at first, but the cactus fusing with the spine and taking up residence in the skull affords both the plant and its host a new chance at life. While neither were particularly well-suited for surviving the cold, dry, elevation of the mountainous region in which they are found, together they are capable of thriving. The nerve control of the Bonzeye is still fresh and tennuous, however, so this magnus is often clumsy.

Adolescent: Growyote (grow-yo-tee) As the plant and its host body grow, the magnus becomes more confident in its movements, and seemingly develops a sense of humor. This creature revels in tricking, startling, and attacking other magnuses (and even people).

Adult: I do not have a good name for them yet, but I wanted to do a play on "saguaro" (a giant cactus) and "psychopomp" (a guide between life and death); I am open to suggestions. As they've grown, the sentient floral protrusions from the host body's head appear more and more like antlers, and the ones along the spine resemble gnarled, asymmetrical wings. It is the consensus of the scientific community studying these majestic magnuses that these "wings" provide the creature with no practical advantages such as flight, however cool that might be. Depending on the cultural upbringing of the person asked, a sighting of this beast may mean blessings or imminent peril.

Note: while the cranial and spinal protrusions of the cactus are rigid and branch-like, those near the hindquarters whip about like roots without purchase in a strong breeze.


My villager, Shane (or Knave if the devs feel a less common name is better suited to their world), is a retired explorer and magnus hunter who has a complicated relationship with the concept of mortality. Having faced down death several times in his youth, he no longer fears the end, but hopes that he can do some selfless good (either through inspiration, coaching, or nurturing) before it comes. The tattoo on his chest represents his respect for the tenacity of the Bonzeye line, as well as a vaguely spiritual association with those magnuses who seem to dwell simultaneously within life and death.


...Phew, that was a lot. Enjoy, friends! And, again, I seriously hope someone can tell me how to locate my backer number so that I can get this all to the devs in the correct fashion.



Rare Colorscheme:



Jan 25, 2018

Wow I love all your stuff--you're certainly creative!


You can find your backer number by signing into Kickstarter, going to the Re:Legend page, clicking your pledge on the side, and scrolling down to the bottom of that pop-up. I had a little trouble finding it too.

Jan 26, 2018

Woah- really love the last stage of your Magnus! It's a great idea and looks really intriguing / awesome. I especially like the one eyed design and the cactus branches which grows out of the skull.

Also love your style - especially the sketch sheet with the different poses and expressions of your magnus stages are great.

I think the second stage might be a bit too similar to the first stage, but I don't think that's too much of a problem.

Jan 31, 2018

Oh my goodness, I love all of it! I don't plan on using a great sword but yours is the best design I've seen so far! The anchor handle and the rope is a great touch! Shane is cool too! I'm always grateful for more bearded characters in games. Love the tattoo idea! The magnus is what is really getting my attention though. The story and what you've drawn is incredible. The names are really clever too! Personally, I like the first and second form best, but I always tend towards the cute. My only change would be adding something more of a neck and head to the final form, since looking at the front-on drawing it appears like the blue head (host?) has entirely disappeared and the skull just took it's place. But maybe that's what you were going for! Either way, I'll be reserving a slot in my barn for this guy!

Feb 4, 2018

I love3 the arts! But I have to admit, the cactus makes me more think of a coral XD

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