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Aug 29, 2017



Edited: Aug 29, 2017

I thought maybe since most of us were brought here by monster loves we could share our real life pet loves here too. Sorry if the pictures end up huge...


First up are my brats Ichigo and Pippin. Ichigo is a 2 year old shiba inu and Pippin is a 9 month old miniature Australian Sheppard. They (and in turn me, because they're mine) are the reason we can't have nice things.


And this is Leo, my 15 year old cuddle monster, the other two don't cuddle.


Please do tell me about yours! ^.^

Aug 30, 2017

They are really cute! :) Really love the eyes of Ichigo (awesome names, by the way).


I keep some real life monsters, haha.


Porcellio bolivari:

Porcellio expansus:

Centrobolus splendidus:

Spiropoeus fischeri:

...and many more. Including Armadillidium maculatum, Porcellio hoffmannseggi, Porcellio magnificus, Rhopalomeris sp., Spirostreptus gregorius, Orthomorpha sp. 2, Coromus vittatus vittatus, Centrobolus spec "Mosambik" aaaaand Anadenobolus monilicornis. :D


...ok, that sounds like a ton of pets, but they are really easy to care for and look (in my opinion) so beautiful. All they need is some kind of container and some forest substrate mixed with some white rot wood and some other ingredients. All which you can collect by yourself in the next forest.

Aug 31, 2017

Cute! I love the colors. And the shiney, and the patterns. And the cute little segmented antennas. ^.~


Aug 31, 2017

Both of your animals are so cute/cool! I love all animals so this is a cool topic.


I personally have 9 pets currently. A mouse (Shakespeare), two Diamond Doves (Roman & Reigns), a Ring Neck Dove (Mel), Quacker Parrot (Sam), Canary Winged Parrot (Romeo), Parakeet (Princes; who's actually a male but we didn't know until later)) , Cockatiel (Grandpa; who's actually a female ><) and a Leopard Gecko (Screamer).

Aug 31, 2017

My family used to have a bichon frise and a crested gecko. My family kept our dog to the end and rehomed the gecko to someone who wanted a colorful male for breeding, never mind that his favorite activity was pooping all over everything. My sister had a couple of cresties, they were not nearly the poop monsters that one was :P


Right now I only have virtual pets due to my allergist and my doctor both telling me not to get any real pets except saltwater fish. Those don't cuddle and are really expensive.


I miss our little white floof.

Sep 4, 2017

Always love those threads about everyones pets, pets should be taken care of with love and they will give you a lot of love back.


Our latest pet is this lil' dog, called Thiago! Turned 3 years old yesterday, one of my best friends :)

Here is a picture of him sleeping in the bed


Also have two cats called Diva (Black) and Tommy (Red), luckily they all get along very well.


And in our backyard we have 4 cockatiels in a pretty big aviary, couldn't find a picture on my phone at this time.

There is also an aquarium with around 20 different fish and 2 small lobsters.


Looking forward to see your pets too!

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