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Oct 1, 2017

Story of Seasons/Rune Factory Cross-over You'd Like to see.

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Have you ever thought what you'd like to see Story of Seasons or Rune Factory cross-over with?

Once, I joked on a forum about Rune Factory crossed with Fire Emblem. It could have the monsters presents the classes. However, I'd think it'd be more like the villagers have classes themselves and you'd see enemies on the field you could recruit for your barrack, the new barn, to help with on your farm and fight with you.

I'd think the recruitable enemies should be rogue/unaligned characters(neither with you nor on the antagonist's side). In term of stat, they should relatively random, random around a standard, possibly weaker or stronger than it. It would also make those NPC possibly weaker or stronger than the villager, but most likely just average than them.

I'm also more thinking it should take more on Rune Factory 4 than from Rune Factory as a system. I don't see much how a tactical RPG could blend well with the laid-back style of farming.(not to mention a chapter may take a long time to complete).


So what have you thought this and what you would like to see SOS/RF be blended with?

Feb 10

Either Animal Crossing or Dark Cloud.


Animal Crossing would mostly be the dynamic town. Neighbors could move in and out. Way more customization for your house. Neighbors have smaller, mundane quests like delivering a package. ETC.


Dark Cloud would be mostly Dark Cloud with the farming/monster taming added in. You get to build the town however you want it. It's much more of an action RPG with an over-the-shoulder camera, rather than top down. Kinda like how Tides of Destiny was.

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