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Aug 25, 2017

Customization Discussion


Okay guys, so. I want to hear thoughts and collect established info on all kinds of customization; Character, equipment, townbuilding, heck even housing decorations.



Here's a few things I gleaned by asking the developers via the kickstarter:


1) At least one shade of purple will be available for eyes and hair. I like having purple eyes, myself.


2) Things like cat and dog ears will be vanity items rather than cc options.


3) They likely won't have dyeable armor/clothing sets when the game comes out first, but it is on their list of planned features someday.


We can share screenshots, and talk about what we want to see! :D

Aug 25, 2017

I would like to see little cosmetics we can give our magnus at some point but I guess it would be a lot of work to give cosmetic items to our magnus with their evolutionary lines and what not. But maybe the cosmetics can be for the baby forms only? I want my blob seal to have a top hat and a mustash for sure haha!


Dyeable armor would be lovely to have! I like having my gear different colors! Maybe it is something we can craft! I am not sure if they are planning any types of dlc packs or any kind of add on packs but if they made some packs for cosmetic stuff that took a lot of effort I would not mind buying it.


I also would like our wings to be dyeable since I dont like Orange and that is what the lower teir one is and I cant afford to drop 300USD for the black wings sadly and I know there would never been an option to dye them sadly >_<! I wonder if maybe they could change the color at some point. Or add something else to make them look different and give us an option to change the color of it at some point but I highly doubt it xD!


I would like to see some more house options but I have nothing to really add to that just yet as I dont know what will be in game or not as far as housing stuff goes... But it would be neat to have seasonal event quests that we can do to get like seasonal furniture!



Aug 25, 2017

Oh that's really good! Its nice to know more unusual anime-ish colour options will be available!

I have my hair dyed silly colours irl so I like when I can do it for my characters too


And I'm assuming probably even if armour dyeing happens, they wouldnt let you do it for the wings. I mean, theyre already different colour variants of each other so it would be a bit cheap if you could make the copper wings look like the shadow wings anyway. Not much point getting shadow wings, then?


I'm totally exhausted from staying up all night til the end of the countdown, but I'd love to join this discussion tomorrow! I'm super excited about what options we might get!!

Aug 25, 2017

I want beards. I know the character model is chibi and all but I really would love to be able to put beards on my pc

Aug 25, 2017

Barely any games let you customize a beard for some reason, its so silly!

The mayor of this game has a fancy beard so hopefully it'd be available for players too.

Actually, now I really hope we can get a monocle XD

Aug 25, 2017

One thing they could do for the armor sets is have a certain set of colors for each one, becuase after looking zt the concept art for armor there are a lot of different colors so trying to customize all of them would be very tasking. Also will there be a way to wear a good armor set but you retain the look of another set of armor (I forget what the name of this is)?

Aug 25, 2017

^ yes, they said that you could wear armor as vanity, which is basically just a reskin while keeping the stats of whatever armor you need

Aug 25, 2017

Could they make an armor set to mirror the Amberlite Golem (how when you feed it differnt ore it evolves and changes color), but the armour set differnt with the kind of ore used?

Aug 25, 2017

I'm all about hair and eye options! It would be so cool to have ombre/sombre hair, where it starts one color and gradually get lighter/darker or gradually changes into a completely different color or colors! And of course tons of colors for eyes but also options about eye size and style. Eyelashes, reflection marks, maybe light make-up?

Aug 25, 2017

That seems like a cool idea, but those options sound more like an ingame shop/salon rather than the base customization at the beggining of the game.

Aug 25, 2017

For me, weapon and armor customizations sounds quite important. In many games I really like the design of specific armors, but others have better stats. That's a bit of a conflict.

So every game that has reforging or re-skinning is great for me.

Even being able to dye does help already.

Aug 25, 2017

One thing I find often missing in games like these is a very long hair option and a variety of colors. I would love to see long hair in various forms like twin tails, ponytails, etc. Sometimes they are also lacking in very cute oriented gear. I have high hopes with the cat armor, but these are the things I mainly want to see.

Aug 25, 2017

More hairstyles seems like something they would do.

Aug 25, 2017

I think that a good variety of hairstyles would be the most important thing! There's a lot of hairstyles that're super common in real life, yet weirdly never available in games- for example bald or curly hair.


I also love the idea of having a more fashiony re-customization shop later in the game! That'd be a cool thing for one of the recruitable villagers to do, I'd love to meet a cute hairdresser character! Though I think it'd be important to make sure that the hair options that're locked in as shop-only are like.. ONLY unnecessary fancy ones, not any sort of basic one that a lot of the players might have in real life and would hate to have to wait longer to get.

It always struck me as weird that in FFXIV you had to go through like 20 hours of gameply, complete a bunch of quests, and then buy it from the cash shop just to have afro hair. Like, I dunno, maybe you could say a super huge elaborate disco afro could be a fashion item, but its a bit of a shame where there's no other curly hair option like that in basic customization.

Oh, and also another super weird example was how in one Animal Crossing game it had a weird elaborate realistic tanning system yet didnt let you select a darker skintone during character creation even though it's right there in the game. So any players who aren't light-skinned had to do this strange amount of upkeep visiting a tropical area for a certain amount of time once weekly to make sure their tan didn't fade.

...actually, lol, this kinda brings up another point: having a variety of race/ethnicity related options is just very important in a game that's going for a global audience. It can be really noticeable when it's handled badly!

Aug 25, 2017Edited: Aug 25, 2017

Seeing as nobody has mentioned it, I think Home Décor is really important. I really like Animal Crossing because you can do so much with your home. So I really hope there is a lot of furniture, sets of it, little random things, heck, even some secret items that are really hard to get! If I am correct, right now there is a basement, second floor and normal floor, but I hope these can be expandable as I will probably need a larger area for all my junk :P


EDIT: Just read Bunni's post. I agree, race/ethnicities is an important thing to do. Also, maybe the hairdresser can give you some judge hair or the classy and fashionable hair rollers?

Aug 25, 2017

@Bunni89 I agree with you and I think that they will do this because a game like this will surely have it.

Aug 25, 2017

@Carlossey if you look at the kickstarter on of the strech goals was advanced custuomization so I feel there will be a huge amount of differnt options to do with your house!

Aug 25, 2017

They did say in an update that customizing your house is gonna be a thing! I just hope it's quite detailed and contains all that fun stuff. Animal Crossing is SO good at it that they could make a whole spinoff game just devoted to it!


Also i always like when in games like this you get like an upgrade system that scales with your progress? Its so cool to gain more space to put your furniture, and even multiple rooms. Why do so few games give you multiple rooms?? Its usually just one room getting bigger, and it feels really weird, lol. In Stardew Valley its like you have this one bit in the corner of your bedroom where the floor is a different colour and suddenly its a kitchen now. Good for midnight snacks, i guess?

Also, relatedly, i especially like the idea of having a basement! It would be very helpful to have a place to just store all your extra stuff and not worry about messing up your cool aesthetic of your main rooms. To go back to stardew valley again, the area outside my doorstep is a total mess just cos i wanted to have all my storage space somewhere easily accessable. Being able to put the cupboards inside and have maybe multiple sizes of them would solve the problem.




Didn't the mayor grandpa character have one of those on one of his beta designs?

I'd love if the fashion options were all loony fancy stuff like that ^_^

Aug 25, 2017

Not to mention that they are planning DLC so one of them could be entierly focused on house customization or character customization.

Aug 25, 2017

Just looked at the screenshots page and saw this:


So the multiple room theory might be tossed out. :(

Aug 25, 2017

What I meant on the wings is instead of each wings having a different color they could have some sort of effect. Because I know not everyone likes the color of the copper wings. The last teir of wings have like a frozen effect and for the shadow wings they could have like a shadowy effect etc. That way if people wanted to dye their wings they could.

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