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Sep 4, 2017

Free For Use - Weapon Designs


Edited: Jul 20, 2018

I'm incredibly excited for this game, so I couldn't help but come up with a bunch of different weapon designs. I won't be using any of these for my Blacksmith tier, so if anyone is struggling to come up with an idea for their weapon, feel free to take or be inspired by any of the designs I've come up with here.






Artist's Tools - W-18 & Round

A giant palette knife and paintbrush used in dual wield style.


Sweet Treat - Giant Lollipop (inspired by sprinklesoup)

A giant lollipop used in great sword style.


Wishbone - Bone Bow

A wishbone taken from a giant Magnus and re-purposed as a bow.


Magical Mallet - Squeaky Toy Mallet (inspired by sprinklesoup)

A child's toy mallet that can cast magic.


Witch's Broom - Broomstick

A magic broom converted into staff use.


Mother Nature's Fury - Vine Boxing Gloves (inspired by Eri_Grey)

Vines wrapped around the fists and up the arms. Multiple different flowers blooming on the vines.


Gale Force 5 - Wind Shield (inspired by Eri_Grey)

Elemental stone that casts a shield of wind. Name based on strongest Fujita Scale measurement of tornadoes.


RIOT - Ballistic Shield

A tactical shield with a viewing window to keep an eye on the enemy while defending. ReInforced Optical Tutelage.


Cosmic Orbit - Twin Comet Chakram (inspired by Max)

2 comets following a perfect circle around a core moonstone.


Slime-chan - Monster Weapon

This slime creature swallowed a prism! Thankfully it's magic can still be used.


Kitten Mittens - Cat Paw Gloves

Boxing gloves in the shape of giant cat paws.


h@x0rZ - Twin Axes

A pair of hatchets used in dual wield style. Appears to be from the future with some kind of "tech lines" decorating the blade.


Black Onyx - Twin Black Blades

Black Onyx is a pair of matching black katana.


Shadow Fangs - Twin Black Blades

Shadow Fangs is a pair of matching black scimitars. They have a purple aura showing their demonic taint. Crafted with magnus fangs.


Tsunami - Twin harpoons or harpoon & anchor combo (Tempest & Temblor)

Harpoons converted into dual blade use or harpoon chained to an anchor. Charge attack releases a giant wave.


Balance - Yin & Yang

Sister Dao Shu (Chinese swords) that represent yin & yang. A yin-yang symbol spins out and grows from benethe the wielder as an attack is charged.


Butcher's Tools - Cleaver & Carver

Blades inspired by kitchen knives. A giant cleaver and a sword that looks like a carving knife. Appear to constantly be dripping blood.


Fallen Wings - Twin Black Blades

A pair of matching swords designed after a Fallen Angel's wings. Scatter black feathers as they slash.


Eclipse - Celestia (or Sol) & Luna

Sister swords representing the sun and moon. Celestia is brilliant white and has a rainbow aura with a full yellow sun on the hilt. Luna is dark blue and has a cosmic aura making it look like a night sky with a crescent moon on the hilt.


Clock Hands - Tick & Tock

Swords designed to look like a minute and hour hands of a clock. A clock appears benethe the wielder as an attack is charged, time rapidly moving forward.

Sep 6, 2017Edited: Sep 6, 2017

Will u be designing the others personally the scythe.

Sep 6, 2017

That was the original intent, but I feel like there isn't any interest in my work. Either that or the forums are just kind of dead. I may draw more later on, but I'm honestly not feeling up to it now.

Sep 6, 2017

I do hope you choose to develop them later, I've noticed at least, that most people only seem to be on for brief periods of time.

Sep 6, 2017

Yeah, like I understand that there's a life outside games, but I feel like if I'm sitting around for a few days and getting no comments then either no one cares or no one is really paying attention to the forums XP

Sep 6, 2017

I really enjoy your weapon concepts. They're unique and a lot of fun to look at and imagine playing with them.

Sep 6, 2017

Thank you GlowingGoblin ^^ You're the first to comment on these designs on this forum. I really appreciate it.

I have to admit that I've been tempted by the idea of using some of these other concepts myself, but I know I'm not gonna use anything but dual wielding (unless there are achievements for mastering all weapons cuz I love achievements XP) so I'm likely going to stick with the Bane Blades from my Dual Wield Weapons post.

Sep 6, 2017

Oh man if I wasn't so adamant on making my own stuff, I'd totally use one of your concepts, namely the RIOT shield. Nice work.

Sep 7, 2017

Totally understand wanting to make your own. I welcome you to take inspiration from my ideas if it'll help at all. Thank you for commenting ^^

Sep 7, 2017

Personally I enjoy looking at your designs it keeps me satisfied while waiting for official news but I completly understand not feeling up to it.

Sep 7, 2017Edited: Sep 7, 2017

I like what you do. However, I also really want to use my own concept(I think it's a bit rooted in pride :P ). However, as soon as I decide(I just asked them by twitter if we can wait for the beta before deciding, because I want to try the weapons out), I want to ask you to draw it for me :)


And I don't know why, by whenever I think of slime-chan, I think it's the slime taht is trapped in the jewel. (I think it might be because of Zelda and trapping fairies in bottles.


Edit: Yes it'll be possible to wait after the release of the demo(and even after launch) to figure what type of weapon you want.

Sep 7, 2017

Thank you WhataGlitch! That is really very nice to hear! I was really feeling like there wasn't any interest in my work, but I also deal with some self-esteem issues so maybe I was just beating myself up too much XP That definitely gives me more motivation to draw more. I will be busy with work for a while, so it may be some time before I can get another picture added, but I'll definitely think about creating more.


Thank you ForestDew. I totally understand wanting to use your own concept. I never expected anyone to just give up on any idea they already had. This was more for people who didn't have any idea for what to do so they could either take one of mine or at least be inspired by it.

I would love to help draw any design you come up with.

XD You know, now that you say that, I can see that too. It's probably that extra layer around her. Maybe if I added some color it'd look less like she's trapped in a crystal herself... I really have no confidence with color, but since Slime-Chan is one of my favorite weapon designs, I may give it a go XP

Thanks for the info! That's good to know. I'm probably gonna stick with creating a dual wield weapon regardless cuz that's just my favorite style, but I do think it'd help with creating the concept if I had a feel for the animation. More so than the provided gifs that is.

Sep 7, 2017Edited: Sep 7, 2017

Oh no, it's really the idea of a cute slime and a crystal, where my mind jump to "the slime is inside the crystal and not the opposite".

Sep 7, 2017

Ohh, okay. Yeah, I can understand that. I think that's probably a more natural view to take for gamers. Like Pokemon or something where you use a crystal to capture a slime monster XP

Sep 8, 2017

Maybe, also it's easier to use and less disgusting holding the crystal and not a live slime(I doubt it'll liked to be hold, so it might attempt to escape). ;)

Sep 8, 2017

Hm, I never really imagined a slime creature to actually be gross... I always pictured it more like jello or something, ya know? So like, it's jiggly and has some give, but you can hold it without it getting everywhere. And I kinda pictured with this one at least that it'd be like your partner, so she'd like helping you. I just wanted it to be cute XP

Sep 9, 2017

I love your interpretations of these weapons. That's exactly how I was hoping Gale would appear

Sep 9, 2017

Really? ^^ That's so awesome to hear. I was actually struggling with Gale a bit, which is why I wound up changing it's name XP I realized the initial idea I had for it was very similar to Bunni89's design and I wasn't happy with how my version was coming out, so I scrapped it and started over with a concept that was more just a pure wind stone that projected and contained a tornado. But with as strong as a tornado is, of course gusts of wind would be escaping as well, so I didn't want it to look too uniform XP

Sep 13, 2017

Ah! I don't get on the forum much anymore, but I had to for this post! I love the magical mallet, witch's broom, and the kitten mittens best! Even though they're all amazing! I intend to use the knuckles, so I'm kind of partial to anything made for that class. Still, I imagine using the mallet to whack the crap out of enemies. And I know the witch's broom is supposed to be a staff, but I think it would be even funnier as a greatsword. Too bad I was too poor to go above the standard duo tier. :/

Sep 13, 2017

Either way! Keep up the good work! Seeing other people's enthusiasm for the game keeps the hype up!

Sep 13, 2017

Thank you so much Minty! It really means a lot to get the comment. Seriously gives me a huge boost to my confidence and enthusiasm ^^ I truly appreciate it.

I know what you mean, I'm partial to dual swords myself XP

XD That definitely would be funny to see. I'd be all for anyone who wanted to take one of my concepts and change it. So although I would make the broomstick a staff, if someone else wanted to make it a great sword, I'm all for it.

XP I understand not having the money to do a higher pledge. I honestly broke the bank a bit myself by going up to the Blacksmith tier, but I couldn't help myself. I haven't been this excited about a game in a long time.


With the comments I've gotten here, I'm definitely more motivated to do more. I'm busy with work now, but when I have time, I'll draw up more concepts.

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