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Aug 29, 2017

Weapon Concepts: Voting Complete


Edited: Sep 2, 2017

Thank you to everyone who voted!


Since I have spare time and enjoy designing things, I'm creating a bunch of various weapon concepts that will be free to use for anyone with the Blacksmith tier or higher pledge if anyone is struggling with coming up with a weapon idea. However, I kinda got overzealous and created a few too many designs to draw all at once. Since I'm having trouble deciding which ones to start with, I figured I'd post my concepts and let you all choose which you'd like to see drawn. I'll probably draw all of them eventually, but I want to make at least one from each category of weapon to start with. Feel free to vote for your favorite one of each weapon type.


Dual Blades


h@x0rZ - Twin Axes

A pair of hatchets used in dual wield style. Appears to be from the future with some kind of "tech lines" decorating the blade.


Blunt Forces - Twin Mallets

A pair of hammers used in dual wield style.


Gemini - Twin Hook Swords

Fu Tao or Chinese hook sword set.


Sacrificial Daggers - Twisted Dual Swords

Black daggers used in sacrifical rituals. Twisted and jagged.


Artist's Tools - 2B & Round

A giant pencil (or palette knife) and paintbrush used in dual wield style.



Great Sword


Chef's Might - Giant Fry Pan

A big frying pan with a sword handle


Devastator - Giant Axe

A giant axe used in great sword style.


Aftershock - Battle Hammer

A giant hammer used in great sword style.


Klinge - Zweihander

German two handed blade.


Sweet Treat - Giant Lollipop (inspired by sprinklesoup)

A giant lollipop used in great sword style.


Leftovers - Giant Fish

A giant frozen fish with a bite taken out of it.


Overlord's Claw - Demonic Great Sword

Giant black sword with an eerie aura.


Inferno - Fire Sword (inspired by Eri_Grey)

Magic hilt that casts forth a pillar of flame to use as a weapon.


Reaper - Giant Scythe (inspired by luna_tears)

A giant scythe used in great sword style.





Chaos - Demonic Bow

A black bow that fires demonic energy.


Ue Kara Shi - Yumi

A traditional Japanese bow. Death From Above.


Wishbone - Bone Bow

A wishbone taken from a giant Magnus and repurposed as a bow.


G Sharp - Harp Bow (inspired by Twilightdusk)

A portable harp used as a bow.


Derecho - Winged Thunder Bow (inspired by luna_tears & stormfeather)

A dark bow with great wings that surge with electricity.





Night Terror - Demonic Staff

A black staff infused with dark energy.


Arcane - Classic Staff

Typical wooden staff with magic crystal on top.


Magical Mallet - Squeeky Toy Mallet (inspired by sprinklesoup)

A child's toy mallet that can cast magic.


Meteorology - Weather Staff

A magical staff that shows the main aspects of weather. Sun, Rain, Snow, and Clouds.


Witch's Broom - Broomstick

A magic broom converted into staff use.





Corruption - Demonic Gauntlets

Gloves based on demon claws.


Steel Knuckles - Gauntlets

Traditional medieval gauntlets.


1HKO - Boxing Gloves

Classic boxing gloves. One Hit Knock Out *gloves do not actually give you the ability to knock out opponents in one hit.


Kitten Mittens - Cat Paw Gloves

Boxing gloves in the shape of giant cat paws.


Mother Nature's Fury - Vine Boxing Gloves (inspired by Eri_Grey)

Vines wraped around the fists and up the arms. Multiple different flowers blooming on the vines.



Great Shield


Justification of Sin - Demonic Shield

A giant black shield infused with dark energy.


RIOT - Ballistic Shield

A tactical shield with a viewing window to keep an eye on the enemy while defending. ReInforced Optical Tutelage.


Aspida - Scutum

Traditional Roman shield.


Mother's Love - Heart Shield

Giant heart shaped shield.


Gale - Wind Shield (inspired by Eri_Grey)

Elemental stone that casts a shield of wind.





Demon Talon - Demonic Chakram

Giant black shuriken.


Sarkal Bled - Traditional Chakram

A classic perfect circle blade with no handle in center. Circle Blade.


Cosmic Orbit - Twin Comet Chakram (inspired by Max)

2 comets following a perfect circle around a core moonstone.


Nature's Beauty - Giant Flower Chakram

A chakram in the shape of a giant four petal flower.


Stress Relief - Fidget Spinner Chakram

A giant fidget spinner. Am I too late for this meme?





Dark Crystal - Demonic Prism

Black crystal infused with dark energy.


Caster - Prism Gun

Prism loaded into a pistol to fire magic from.


Refraction - Classic Prism

A perfect crystal in triangular shape that casts rainbows.


Grimoire - Spell Book

A book of spells with the power of a Prism.


Slime-chan - Monster Weapon

This slime creature swallowed a prism! Thankfully it's magic can still be used.

Aug 29, 2017

my favourites: the twin hook swords, the pencils, the frying pan, the wishbone bow, the witch's broom, the nature's fury vine gauntlets, the riot shield, the prism gun and the hugging an entire small slime and pretending it's a weapon, becuase seriously that would be the cutest animation ever. "Put the money in the bag!!" *brandishes adorable pal like an ak-47*

Aug 29, 2017

My personal favourites are: the twin axes because I love to dual wield axes, the Zweihander because I just looked it up and it looks cool, Ue kara shi, magical mallet, mother nature's fury, riot shield, cosmic orbit, and the grimoire Overall my favourite is the mother natures fury.

Aug 29, 2017

Thanks for your votes! I want to wait at least a day before I start drawing, but I'll for sure draw everything that gets at least one vote. Anything with multiple votes will be bumped up the list of what I draw first.

Aug 29, 2017

Nature's Beauty & Grimoire. I'd see Inferno as a (fire) scythe coming from hell thought.

Aug 29, 2017

I inspired some of these and it makes me feel happy to see so many of my ideas on there, anyway I guess I'll vote.

Mother Nature's Fury, Gale, Cosmic Orbit, Caster and Slime-chan get my vote.

Aug 30, 2017

Thanks for voting! I also appreciate the feedback on idea concepts. I'll certainly consider any changes to design or names that anyone would like to pitch.


They were good ideas XP I think they'll be pretty fun to draw. Part of me wants to get started right away, but I'd like to leave enough time for more people to vote if they want to.

Sep 1, 2017

Been taking votes from outside the forum and the current tally is:

h@x0rZ ~ 4

Blunt Forces ~ 2

Gemini ~ 2

Artist's Tools ~ 5


Chef's Might ~ 1

Klinge ~ 2

Sweet Treat ~ 3

Leftovers ~ 2

Inferno ~ 1

Reaper ~ 2


Ue Kara Shi ~ 1

Wishbone ~ 4

G Sharp ~ 2

Derecho ~ 1


Night Terror ~ 1

Arcane ~ 1

Magical Mallet ~ 3

Meteorology ~ 2

Witch's Broom ~ 3


Kitten Mittens ~ 2

Mother Nature's Fury ~ 6


RIOT ~ 3

Aspida ~ 1

Mother's Love ~ 1

Gale ~ 3


Sarkal Bled ~ 1

Cosmic Orbit ~ 4

Nature's Beauty ~ 3

Stress Relief ~ 2


Caster ~ 3

Grimoire ~ 3

Slime-chan ~ 5


Whichever of each category has the most votes I promise I will draw starting tomorrow. If you have any interest in seeing any of these drawn, please cast your votes. Even if you think it won't win for the first set of drawings, I'll be more inclined to draw more if there's more interest shown.

Sep 2, 2017

Voting complete! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! I'd still love to hear your opinion on my concepts, but these are the concepts I'll be drawing first. The rest I'll try to get to eventually, but no promises. I'll be posting the drawings on the Backer Concept's forum.


Dual Swords

Artist's Tools


Great Sword

Sweet Treat






Magical Mallet

Witch's Broom



Mother Nature's Fury


Great Shield





Cosmic Orbit




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