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Oct 25

Guardian Bug - Cut Scene Begins Before You Can Pick Up His Drops


When you fight the Evil Guardian in The Flooded Temple he drops a few things. Unfortunately the cut scene begins which puts you into the middle of the Town Square at the end of the cut scene. When you run back to the temple, the drops are gone. Fighting that guy was tough and we were looking forward to those drops! Please fix. Is there any way I can get those drops back?

New Posts
  • I am not very good with keyboard controls so sometimes I accidentally press G instead of F while crossing into a new area of the game riding on my Magnus. Ex: When crossing into my farm area from the Town Square or when going into the Battle Area from Town Square. When I accidentally press G instead of F I am put into a strange area of no return, have to quit the game and restart the day all over. This is very frustrating. It's like I'm launched off my Drago and into Purgatory. Please fix this.
  • When fishing sometimes it won't open up the actual fishing animation and so you're stuck starting at the screen and unable to get out of the window until you close the game and restart.
  • Has anyone else had the issue where when using a xbox controller if you exit the game and try to reload a different file, no controls work? For example I can't exit a room if I exited the game and reload. I have to fully close the game and reopen it.