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Feb 10

Cannot save after returning to game


Played straight for about three hours. Closed the game, came back later. Clicking on a save slot does not save the game any longer. Slot 1 and Slot 2 are highlighted, but neither buttons dismiss after clicking on them. Upon quitting and reloading the initial save, I found that my new progress was lost. Is there any way to restore saving, or do I have to start this character over?

Feb 10

It seems to be related to accepting additional quests from the quest board. A friend got in to the same state after I told him about additional quests. If you do not want to lose your save, stay away from that quest board for now!

Backed a double key level, so both my wife and I have played a bit, but both of our accounts have not kept a save, neither touched the quest board.

Feb 10

I'm having the same problem I'm not able to save anithing

Yep me too, lost 2 Lvls and mx two magnus also 1 lvl :D

Feb 10

With the new patch that released today, my old save appears to be fixed! I didn't test it further beyond loading the save and saving once more. I created a new save that is further along in the game, so I won't be returning to the old save. Hope this issue is resolved for others!

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