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Aug 24, 2017

Forum is now LIVE


We know you guys are really supportive, and we would like to thank you guys for believing in Re:Legend. To keep everyone united, we've decided to start our Official Forum so that you guys can continue making friends, and get to know each of you guys who have contributed to Re:Legend.


There are a few simple rules to follow, just to make sure the community is well organised :



Forum Rules


1. Treat other members with the respect they deserve, and treat others like you would like to be treated. <3


2. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.


3. Insulting and flaming or personal attacks against admin/members will be not tolerated.


4. Please be considerate in language you use on the forum, some of our members are younger than others, and mostly are a group of happy families. Swearing is not completely banned, just do not swear unnecessarily.


5. No hacking, and illegal activity, such as torrents and illegal downloads, this will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to local authority.


6. Please do not post inappropriate material, I think everyone understands what I mean by this. The policy goes that if you would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, or in front of children or parents, don't post it ! <3



I think these rules are clear, and easy to follow. These are only in place to ensure our community is a fun and healthy place to be, and a comfortable atmosphere for all. Thank you guys for supporting us from the start and we hope that you would stay with us until the very end.

Dec 31, 2017

hi there, im new and i would like to ask how to download this game on pc? or do i need to purchase it to be able to play it on pc?

Jan 2, 2018

Hi, so I was wondering when the early beta will be out?

New Posts
  • Hello everyone this is Newt and here's the final patch for Backer's Alpha: Backer's-Alpha Update Patch: Systems: - You can now change UI scaling via keys: F6 to F10 which are 60% to 100% scaling. - Minimap camera has been change and it's no longer pixelated. - Fixed dialogue suddenly being cancelled when talking to NPCs. - Saving a game right before fainting will not cause your save to brick anymore. - Fixed rolling when using wateringcan will sometimes get the player stucked. - Fixed character following your mouse direction while dead/fainted. UI: - Minimap NPC Icons tweaked for the updated minimap camera. - You can now use "Q" and "E" for the crafting station. - Rune HUD misalignment in 16:10 resolutions fixed. - "999" healing text appearing on Magnus when player exits building now fixed. Magnus: - Aggressive Magnus update: 1. They will direct their line of sight on you if you enter their scene. 2. When you get too close, they will attack. - Defensive Magnus update: 1. When you attack a defensive Magnus, other Magnus of the same family will join and attack you too. - Shy Magnus update: 1. Magnus area of detection for fleeing is changed based on Magnus size. Mounting: - Player character hovering after dismounting Magnus fixed. - Fixed mounting while charging items will cause the speed to be slower. Quests: - Abandoning quests will now disappear from your quest UI. - Dying to Seacolt from Goblin quest will not unflood the next map. - Multiple quests in Guild House fixed. Mystery: - Added several future Magnus and mysterious Magnus in the game. (Let's see if you can find them all ;) ) That is all for Patch Update and we have a juicy update later today so stay tuned! Join the Re:Legend Discord at https://discord.me/relegend ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone today we are releasing a small update patch. Systems: - Attacking now is facing the direction of your mouse when auto-targeting is turned off. (Press "Y" to toggle. The small sword icon on your healthbar will turn grey when auto-targeting is turned off) - Fixed releasing fish after fishing will drop an item from the void. SFX: - Footsteps now change based on terrain the player is on. UI: - Crafting UI item stats page has been updated. Extras: - F5 has been re-enabled. That's all for this small patch! Have fun! Hello everyone this is Newt again here's Update Patch 7. We hope everyone is doing well! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Alpha Update Patch 7: Hello everyone this is Newt again here's Update Patch 7. We hope everyone is doing well! <3 Pre-Alpha Update Patch 7: Systems: - You can now sleep at campsites. - You can save your game at campfires. - Magnus mounting depth of field fixed. - Temple see-through updated. Quests: - Dark Tidings quest dialogues fixed. - Saving Magenta duplicate during dialogue fixed. NPC: - Emilia now goes back to work at her shop. - Cafeteria interior building updated. - Carpenter interior building updated. UI: - Some UI elements got tweaked. - Fishing UI have been updated Magnus: - Moota VFX tweaked. - Added more SFX to Magnus. - Added some idle animations to Magnus. That is all for Patch Update 7 guys. Keep those bug reports coming in! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone this is Newt again here's Update Patch 6 to close out February 2019! We wish everyone good luck and happiness going into March 2019 <3 Pre-Alpha Update Patch 6: Systems: - Magnus in party will retain their HP and SP amount when a save is loaded. - You can't tame Magnus while using the hoe or watering can. - Harvesting is disabled when holding items except hoe and watering can. (You can still harvest when not holding anything) - Certain cutscenes were tweaked. - Fixed player able to move when pressing "ESC" right after waking up. - You can't press "TAB" while using Watering Can and Hoe. Quests: - Saving Emilia, cutscene initiation was tweaked. - Saving Emilia, Moku introduction to the farmhouse was tweaked. - Blips vs Prunis, Blipking cutscene trigger area was tweaked. - Blips vs Prunis, Prunperor cutscene initiation tweaked. - Someone in trouble, Magenta cutscene initiation tweaked. - Dark Tidings, Moku's dialogue was tweaked. UI: - Crafting UI has been updated. - Battle tutorial updated. - Rune HUD updated. Map: - Fixed some terrain collider in Angler's Area preventing Magnus from moving. - Fixed terrain collider in farm area enabling Players to get stuck in certain areas. Farming: - Fixed VFX on plants in aqua farm disappearing when player is near them. - Fixed Appearl tree having a blue artifact on the model. Magnus: - Infinite loading when fainting while taming a Magnus is now fixed. Extra: - F5 function has been removed. That is all for Patch Update 6 guys. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the Pre-Alpha! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone this is Newt again bringing you Patch Update 5 for Re:Legend. <3 Pre-Alpha Update Patch 5: Systems: - Different exploit for stacking fish at the cooking station fixed. - You can no longer dupe items using the shipping bin. :P - Preserved aspect ratio on slots in shipping & storage. - Fixed a bug where the player can get stuck when pressing "ESC" while fishing. - You can now buy items if you have the exact amount of gold in your wallet. - You can now quit at character creation. - Character creation model rotation control tweaked. - You can't faint while sleeping sequence is initiated. - Rune equip and unequip cooldown bug is fixed. - Fix boss cutscene fainting causing player to be unable to leave the clinic. Magnus: - Draconewt water spray collider extended to fit the VFX. - Added SFX for Vale & Seacolt family. - Tweaked Vale & Stubjaw SFX. - Magnus colliders adjusted. - Tweaked camera while mounting Magnus. - Magnus will now fully heal when in barn overnight. Farming: - Tiles will now highlight in red colour when the item being held is not a plantable item. - Tweaked visuals on see-through effect for aqua farming. UI: - Updated Rune and Quest HUD. - Rune cooldown effect visibility tweaked. - Fixed player face missing at Edna's updated UI. Quests/NPCs: - Certain NPCs schedules tweaked for some quests. - NPCs now reacts to the player. Critical: - Made some adjustments on the looting system that was causing players to get stuck while looting items. That is all for Patch Update 5 guys. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the Pre-Alpha! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone this is Newt again bringing you Patch Update 4 for Re:Legend. We have come a long way in this Pre-Alpha thanks to you the community! <3 Without further ado, here are the patch notes: Pre-Alpha Update Patch 4 Systems: - You can no longer stack fishes using the cooking station. - Gunther will not get stuck at the fence. - SP now won't be reduced on Magnus when mounting it when the time reaches 12am and beyond. - Fixed loading a save with full SP even though the Player wasn't at full SP. - Rune duration and cooldown won't be active in any menus. - Adjusted camera speed following the player. NPC: - Emilia intimacy questline dialogue tweaked. - NPC schedule tweaked. - NPC animations tweaked and updated. Farm: - Fixed water crops dying too fast. - No more explosion sound when entering the farm. - Farm overlay updated to show the newly added path to the water crops. - You won't get any produce when using hoe on a wilted plant. Quests: - Tweaked some quests and polished certain dialogues. Temple: - Wall see-through updated and polished. - Fixed Dreadclaw attack hitbox not hitting players who are close to it. UI: - Fixed player sometimes having a mismatched skin tone. - Item shop menu tweaked. Magnus: - Added new SFX to a few Magnus. That is all for Patch Update 4 guys. Look forward to more patches coming throughout Pre-Alpha! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone today we are releasing a small update patch. Hotfix 1 Patch Update 3 - Starfawn's Lazer VFX is no longer invisible. - Infinite Stats for Magnus fixed. (Different method of exploit) - You now won't be able to equip the same type of rune for both rune slots . - No problems now when fainting during swimming. - Fish breeding mysteriously overnight fixed. - Dev tools removed. - Fertilizer now stays when you fertilize before harvesting renewable crops. That's all for this hotfix! <3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone this is Newt again bringing you Patch Update 3 for Re:Legend. Once again we are very grateful for the continous support from the community and we love all of you! <3 For those of you who have yet to receive your Alpha keys please send us an email through using the contact function in Kickstarter. And to everyone else we hope you continue to enjoy the Pre-Alpha and keep the reports and feedback coming <3 Pre-Alpha Update Patch 3 Systems: - Charging weapons and tools now disables the ESC button and Travelling. - You can now equip 2 runes. - Item count in inventory has been fixed. - Item bouncing off walls has been tweaked. - Random "gretzarmor acquired" appearing on Magnus has been fixed. - Bow will longer be stuck in drawing animation if there is a transition to cutscene when the player is attacking. - Treasure chests will now work. Barn/Taming: - Throwing food at your Magnus now increases affection and decreases hunger. - Barn feed now won't be duplicated. - Quest log seen on Magnus model when accessing the Barnbook has been fixed. Magnus: - Cranite burrow skill has been fixed. (No fly zone) - Seagasus skills now does damage. - Infinite stats allocation on Magnus is now.. finite. - Certain visual effects for Magnus has been updated. Storage/Shipping Bin: - All slots are now fixed. - You can now stack items in the storage and shipping bin. Quests: - Guild Quest various fixes. - Dialogues were tweaked and updated. - Cutscene lightning fixes. - Exiting the Temple Puzzle area will now save the state of the area. - Various Quests and NPC tweaks. Shops: - UI has been completely overhauled. Sounds: - Waterfall sound effect at the industrial area have been toned down. - Various Magnus sound effects have been added. - More sound effects added to the game. Farming (Aqua) - Players can now easily access the water plot without crossing the bridge. - Added visual indicator for fishes nibbling on water crops. - Optimized visual effects for fishes nibbling on water crops. - Improved visibility for water crops when in water. Crafting - Added Steel Ingot to crafting list. - Crafting will now use materials. Temple: - Temple door now won't have any keys slotted into them. - Temple see-through effect has been adjusted. - A rock collider in the Dreadclaw battle room was removed. HUD: - Various tweaks to HUD has been done. That is all for Patch Update 3 guys! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! This is Newt again with another patch update. We really love what the community is doing right now especially working together to uncover certain things about what the Pre-Alpha has to offer. We are working on more fixes and other bugs so keep the reports and feedback coming in! <3 Pre-Alpha Update Patch 2 Systems: -Treasure chest now won't infinitely drop items. :P -Magnus now will not attack during loading screen/area transition. -Item pickup range has been extended slightly. -Items will now bounce off walls and other out of bounds area. Animation: -Certain tweaks were done on player's animation. Sound: -More Background Music were added in. Cutscenes: -Vokka Coast overview cutscene was tweaked. Tutorials: -More tutorials have been updated. ("G" to Unmount from Magnus) (Hold left-click for Hoe and Watering Can) (Hold "F" in-front of Magnus to increase affection) -Magnus will now not attack when tutorial is up. UI: -In any menu, time will stop and Magnus will freeze. -Various UI changes. -UI now works with all commonly used aspect ratios. Crafting: -Failed crafting now refunds 70% of the material. -Crafting now cost 20 SP. -Tier 3 equipments are now craftable. Farming: -Reduced frequency of trash generation on farm. -Grass patches will now not appear when clearing dead aqua crops. Taming: -You can now complete the taming quests if you already have 2 Magnus in your party. Saving: -There is now a confirmation window for saving the game. -Guild & NPC Quests related problems are fixed but previous saves might not load. Swimming: -No more holding items during swimming. (It's dangerous guys!) Storage & Shipping Bin: -Slots are fixed. -You can now right-click to store/ship items. Shops: -Updated Magenta's shop. (Check it out!) Magnus: -Post-Evolution bug fixed. (No more flying Magnus) -Fixed Dracoalth aoe skill not healing. Dreadclaw: -Item drop tweaked. -Increased exp given. (He is the Boss after all) That is all for this patch update! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone I am Newt. I hope everyone is enjoying the Pre-Alpha so far and having a good time exploring the game. Today we are going to roll out updates and changes to the game. This will address some of the issue we have observed while lurking around streams and also community feedback. We are trying as hard as we can to fix all the bugs so hang on tight and continue enjoying the Pre-Alpha! <3 Pre-Alpha Patch Update 1 Systems: -Removed Developer Console Access (Using Dev Console will cause some bugs if used) -Added different resolution settings (Some UI elements might not work well in certain resolutions) Quests: -Fixed some quest tracker notes -Guild Quests loading problem solved Time: -Fixed bug where you can stay awake indefinitely by eating SP items -Added pausing of time while in Inventory, Shopping and Tutorial Combat: -Added instructions to enable auto targeting (Press Y to enable/disable auto targeting) Shops: -Added a few new things to Emilia's Shop That is all for this patch update. There will be more patches along the way, so keep the reports and feedback coming! :D P.S. Don't send me newts
  • YESS!! The campaign has finally ended! We cannot believe what we've achieved within the campaign and we're really stoked with the outcome! So much has happened within the period of a month and it was a crazy, crazy adventure. We're glad that all of you have not only brought Re:Legend to life, but to a whole new level that we did not expect. Everything in the campaign is just mind blowing! The day before we launch the campaign, we were so worried that the campaign might not hit S$70,000 goal at all so we actually placed the goal around S$30,000. It was not until several hours before the campaign started, that we thought to ourselves that we got to believe in this project. It's either go big, or go home, so we decided to risk it all.  Several minutes before the campaign, we proceed to move the goal all the way up to S$70,000 cause we will be betting everything we have on this campaign. Even though S$70,000 is not a lot, but it will be sufficient for us to complete the base game that we've planned, so it is still a significant amount. Once the campaign went live, it was waves after waves of surprises and everything turned out better than we have expected. You guys never ceased to amaze us and bulldozed through everything that we have thrown at you at amazing speed. We had to crack our heads every single day to come up with more difficult challenges so it would give us a little breathing room, but no matter how hard we try, it was a walk in the part for all of you. That is the reason behind this campaign's success, it was all because of you. All of you deserves a hug and a big thank you from the team! <3 Thank you so much for supporting us along the way, especially all of you who have followed us since Legend of Lumina time. It was a tragic experience back then, but we're glad that it all turned out well today. We would not have made it without all your help and we really appreciate the support that every single one of you have given us. Next Step! We believe all of you would be missing the daily updates, but so are we! We will be missing you guys so much as well! Even though daily updates might not be possible after the campaign, we will still be doing monthly updates on our progress, so we hope you will still read them from time to time. Other than monthly updates, we would also love to keep our "Pick-a-Magnus" tradition so we will still be doing them on a monthly basis! All of you would get to vote for your favorite concept and see it come to life in the game like we used to do. We're sure many of you would be excited to see your favorite picks get included in the game! Lastly, surveys will be given out through emails after the campaign from time to time, so be sure to check out your email inbox! It will take some time before we finalized the content of the survey due to the complexity of rewards so bear(Rawr!) with us while we setup the survey. It is all for streamlining the process of processing your pledges. Remember that it will not be an immediate process so do not be alarmed if you did not receive the survey directly after the campaign!   We would once again like to give all of you guys a really, really big thank you from the bottom of our heart and it is all thanks to you that this campaign is a success. We cannot thank you enough for everything. YOU GUYS ROCKS! Let's keep in touch through our forum and social media!