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Sep 2, 2017

What Kind of Quests/Missions Do You Want To See?


I have been playing video games since I was in elementary school. Each game usually has mission or quest objectives, some good and others a little less than great. What kind of quests are you hoping to see in RE:Legend?

Sep 2, 2017

Personally, my favorites are quests with a bit of story, they might not be the main focus of the game but having even its own little contained story between 1 or 2 characters or teaching you more about the worlds history tend to be my favorites :3

Sep 3, 2017

I want to see magnus taming/hunting quest where you have to tame or hunt a specific magnus, kinda like monster hunter, I think that would be pretty cool though I just hope there will be plenty of side missions/quests.

Sep 3, 2017

Variety is good. I mean there are almost definitely gonna be some fetch-type quests, but I just want there to be a nice variety of others as well. Not sure if I have any specific favorite types (except for generally having them give story/lore, like Lady Luck said), but it just gets boring doing one type all the time.


Oh, and also stuff that can go various different ways depending on how you choose to accomplish something. That's always fun. :3

Sep 3, 2017

I want long chained quests that end with a big reward in the end. The quests themselves don't have to all be the same kind, but they're all interrelated (like you're helping someone build a store or farm, and in the end, you get access to it as a reward).


Quests with a choice of rewards sounds nice too, especially if you want to focus on a single weapon or class. I don't want to end up with a bow if I keep using dual swords. xD

Sep 3, 2017

I hope for quests with story! Theyre longer and it doesnt even have to end with a great reward, but the story is what makes me want to complete the quests!

Sep 3, 2017

I agree with storm feather and piece of schist, one type of quest would get boring after awhile it would be interesting to have something like "themed quests" or quests relevant to the characters we're helping. Like PieceofSchist mentioned maybe monster hunting quests, maybe we're helping a researcher who wants to learn more about magnus but is super weak or actually has a fear of magnus. Or perhaps there is a Magnus catching club that is "exclusive" and to enter or gain access to exclusive items (for the house or to give small buffs to magnus) you have to show your skills and show them your magnus power/strength by battling them or by taming certain magnus.


Although I'm still all about that lore XD

Sep 4, 2017Edited: Sep 4, 2017

Personally I don't like quests which is visible to the face at all. Making them simple (and hidden) like Harvest Moon might be better, otherwise the game will become a traditional MMORPG with cute graphics. Just live the life out of the game, we decide what we want to do right?

Sep 4, 2017

I am interested in seeing calendar based events, very like rune factory and harvest moon. These events create already some story based quest, like for instance having a festival with a prize for the best crop or having a summer beach festival where you should manage to get some clothing and tools. Rather than going from point A to point B or collect point B, you have to manage to get the best out of what you can farm at that point of the game.


Also, event based relationships and quests. Having the bachelors/ettes to progress in their backstory through meeting requirements,


As a game about farming, training and crafting, missions should move around the best you can farm, train and craft. And the enemies and challenges are what you have to overcome to achieve that. For instance, instead of the mission "Kill 5 dragons" your mission should be "I need a scale shield", something that requires 1 dragon scale which has a 20% drop rate from dragons.

Sep 4, 2017

Well, I like quests that are unique. I usually like when a quest has a unique mechanic that it spins around, that makes that quest feel like a unique event. Also, I agree on Festivals, I liked those in Stardew Valley. Like there was a carnival, and there were a bunch of minigames at one point, and that was fun. So I hope there are things like that.

Sep 5, 2017

I do enjoy face value quests as they help you build a base and have a basic guide line for players unfamiliar to the genre. I however love special quests, hidden quests, and trigger events most as they are unexpected but depending on how difficult it can even give high boost rates to your character which would be unavailable afterwards for other players making other players seek events which may have not been discovered to lead them to exclusive rewards.

Let's say for example you were given a quest to take care of 5 level 5 monsters but instead maybe something simple like defeating 25 of those monsters or defeating 4 level 5 monsters and a special monster from the quests can yield a higher ranked skill or more rewards. Subjugation proof will be even better since if you have 5 pieces of goblin ears for example and then have 1 rare goblin ear you can trigger an event which could lead to higher ranking rewards or even follow a different quest line. Those kinds of events are what I enjoy most.

Sep 5, 2017Edited: Sep 5, 2017

I though about quests and I think the best thing for a quest is just to suprise you. Like in the witcher 3 there was a fetch quest about bringing a woman her pan. As boring and mundane as it may seem you were suprised of what followed, even though it seemed like something mundane and boring. If it can suprise you It's probably going to be memorable and fun.


On a side note minigames are always fun maybe so special minigames for some quest might spice it up a bit too.

Sep 7, 2017

I personally enjoy dailies. I would be happy to see a hungry family in town to donate food to. Every once and a while one of their kids could find an item that would be useful to you and offer it to you if you have impressed them enough recently.


I would also really enjoy the long quest chains to gain access to rare niche use magnus or random event "hunts."

Sep 8, 2017

A daily quest would help motivate to go back to certain areas that dont have much else to offer magnus or itemwise :)

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