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Nov 1, 2017

Switch or PC for earliest access?


I assume the PC (steam) will release first and have the mac/PC version in the end but I do want to have the Switch version for on-the go play.


My question is if I pick the Switch version will there be a long wait compared to getting the Steam version? which I assume would get me playing sooner if I choose PC

Nov 3, 2017

You're correct. The steam version (Note PC not Mac) will be the first to be launched then the consoles version are to be ported a few months later.

Nov 5, 2017

I went with the Switch version for my copies either way because I love playing these type of games more on console XD; Plus, from reading the FAQs they will have cross platform multiplayer which will be awesome!

Nov 25, 2017

I got both but the PC version is for my sister and the Switch version is for me. Hopefully it won’t take too long to port the console versions.

Jan 9, 2018

Silly question...did you have to be a kickstarter patron to be able to get this game? I would love to prepay for the switch version, but I'm not sure how? Thanks!

Feb 2, 2018

@ autumnbreeze if i am right the game will be open to the whole world after full release

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  • Hawke seems to have set up camp at the camping area... No Hawke there :( I can't progress because I am stuck on this quest. Any ideas? Maybe wrong camping area? I tried both mainland and forest. Thank you :)
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