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Sep 10, 2017

Some Meta Updates


Ok, so this is just here because I have nowhere else to put it. So, I have two suggestions for the forums that I would like to be added.


1. Page Numbers at top of page. On a post with multiple comment pages, I would like a page selector up the top as well. It is just kind of annoying to scroll down to the bottom of the post when you have already read all the comments.


2. Post tags. Just some simple ones, like "Discussion" "Meta" "Help" "Suggestion" (Heck once the game comes out this could even have its own section) I know there are sub sections kind of for this, but I think that it would make it easier to understand what a post is about if you could tag posts.


Now, I don't even know if you can change the forum code, but if you could, these are just some ideas I had to help improve it a bit.

New Posts
  • I would really like if they added in an option to hide your head gear/helm. Like a transmog option, so you can chose what your character looks like with their gear on.
  • Hawke seems to have set up camp at the camping area... No Hawke there :( I can't progress because I am stuck on this quest. Any ideas? Maybe wrong camping area? I tried both mainland and forest. Thank you :)
  • to increase friendship I guess I have to feed the magnus I have tamed but its not clear how I go about this can I just keep feeding them multiple times a day? does only 1 food a day count? can I get max hearts in 1 day by just constantly feeding them?