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Dec 3, 2017

Releasing magnus?


So there's currently around 200 magnus to be planned for the game (not sure if this is total or 200 families) and planned to be capped at around 40. But there's also gonna be loads of different variants from breeding so in the end, we'll still have to pick and choose which ones to keep. But what happens to the ones you choose to release? Will they be gone for good? Or perhaps left to wander the world and some random ones would occasionally come and visit your farm- and maybe give the option to have them re-join you? Or even better, it'd be really cool to have a sort of sanctuary where all of your released magnus can roam! Perhaps still interact-able, but wouldn't be able to help with your farm or go out traveling with you. Expand it into different area types to suit specific magnus? Though that mike make the game take up a needlessly large amount of memory. Either way, I'd really love to be able to see all of our old magnus even after releasing them!

Jan 13, 2018

I would really love this! I always wished that in pokemon they'd just rename the 'release' option something like 'send to professor' or 'send to wildlife sanctuary', cos it makes me happier to think i've traded them off to an ingame npc instead of abandoned them. It would be really nice to see an actual fully developed feature along those lines! Like maybe you can give magnuses to the various town npcs, or release them in various sanctuary locations in each area. Or even say you could trade them away to a prince of another country or something? that'd also be a ncie wya to imply a bigger world beyond just the areas we get to explore ingame. And leave potential open for dlc or sequels in future!

As for how it could work...

Well, the poke pelago in the latest pokemon games was a great idea but I actually think the digimon games did it better with their digi farm in Cyber Sleuth. Gaining exp and training stats was easier to automate, and also you'd get occasional random messages saying how your digimon were doing. That was often a great incentive to use a mon I never considered before, cos it showed a really cute personality in those scenes! Like I got one of the cute-style messages from a Meramon (big scary fire demon) saying all like 'if I get reincarnated as a human I wanna be your real little brother!' I pretty much ran back to that farm immediately and stuck him in my party forever! (I named him Winston!)

New Posts
  • I would really like if they added in an option to hide your head gear/helm. Like a transmog option, so you can chose what your character looks like with their gear on.
  • Hawke seems to have set up camp at the camping area... No Hawke there :( I can't progress because I am stuck on this quest. Any ideas? Maybe wrong camping area? I tried both mainland and forest. Thank you :)
  • to increase friendship I guess I have to feed the magnus I have tamed but its not clear how I go about this can I just keep feeding them multiple times a day? does only 1 food a day count? can I get max hearts in 1 day by just constantly feeding them?