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Dec 6, 2018

Last i read they were planning to release this in 2018.. this year is almost over... we haven't heard a single peep for months ... 2019 TBA?

Dec 17, 2018

They actually announced in the November update that news regarding the A**ha release will be published in their December update. they "censored" it, but presumably they meant Alpha release (backer pre-release access).


Expect an update around December 25th with specifics is what I would say.

Dec 17, 2018

I'm with Hank Hill*... I want it done right, not fast. ;)


*Hank Hill = Main Character of the show "King of the Hill" in case ya didn't know & wanna Research it. ;)

Jan 6

anxiously awaiting the update ^^

New Posts
  • I would really like if they added in an option to hide your head gear/helm. Like a transmog option, so you can chose what your character looks like with their gear on.
  • Hawke seems to have set up camp at the camping area... No Hawke there :( I can't progress because I am stuck on this quest. Any ideas? Maybe wrong camping area? I tried both mainland and forest. Thank you :)
  • to increase friendship I guess I have to feed the magnus I have tamed but its not clear how I go about this can I just keep feeding them multiple times a day? does only 1 food a day count? can I get max hearts in 1 day by just constantly feeding them?