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Feb 15

Isn't crafting system a little too difficult?


Edited: Feb 15

I consider myself to be on a "not slow" type when it comes to hand-eye coordination, but I still fail the crafting. (And if I'm not crazy, the more times we miss, the faster the slider goes, making it even harder to click on the correct spot.)


I have a few elderly friends who are really interested in Re:Legend but I know their clicking speed, and I figure it would be not just desperately difficult, but also infuriating for them if they try crafting in this game. It would be nicer is there could be an "easy mode" so people who are not as fast can also enjoy this aspect of the game as well.


Some other suggestions:

- The time in the game ticks a little bit too fast. It took one whole hour just to get from outside of the village back to the hut (sprinting on mount of a Draconewt, mind).

- Sort button or "merge" button for items in inventory and in storage box. As now the separate stacks of the same kind of items won't automatically merge.

- Manual sort function, such as dragging and dropping the item onto other existing stack. Right now they will just replace each other and swap places. (Like, now I can't put 3 coals on 5 coals to manually merge them.)

- Quantity selection, like "take out XX pieces of item" from/to the storage instead of having to always grab/store the whole stack of what we have.

- If the shop UI would show how many of that item (mainly seeds) we have in inventory while we're looking and trying to buy the item, it would be nice.

- A level suggestion for a quest will be a big help. Currently I keep dying in the Pruni Cave on the Pruneperor quest because the enemies are too strong. I first attempted it as level 3, then tried to level up and re-attempted it at level 4, and still died. Now at level 5, still died.


In-game tutorial or help/explanation for these features would be nice:

- Magnus buddy feeding

- Aquatic crops care

- How to use consumable item (on my first battle, I hit the shortcut button to eat meat, but all I did was holding it in my hands and keep getting my ass kicked, also, in a panic I right clicked and threw the meat on the floor lol)

- Fishing

- Crafting


Not working:

- My Draconewt keeps being starving despite my feeding some Roast Meat (after 4 or 5, when I pet it, the dialogue says it is full, but the book in the cave always stays on "starving" and the meat symbols never fill up, always have 1.) A tutorial on how to feed our buddy Magnus would also be nice.

- Fishing For Action quest is empty, has no description and no hint.

- The Database book doesn't have next page button. We can, however, click on a monster to see its detail, and keep clicking next until we roll over to the monsters on the next page. We can also keep clicking D to move the cursor to highlight next and next monsters in the list until it goes over the last one, then the page will change. But a button to manually scroll to next page would be nice.



Weird/might be bugged:

- After saving and quitting the game, when loaded a save, SP recovers to full without sleeping.

- Crafting Beginner Armor does not consume materials. I had 7 stones, 9 old log, and 35 ferns when I started. Crafted 2 armors, and still had the same number of materials. Not sure if my game just broke itself or if it's been like this since the beginning and I just didn't notice.

- I defeated some Moota but the Database doesn't update to show its picture. *edit* The picture shows up at first when I access the Database. But once I clicked on the picture to see Moota's details, and clicked any of the arrows for next/previous page and returned to Moota's page, the picture became ? like unknown monster. This always happens under the same circumstance.



Also, cooking isn't available in Alpha yet? I can't seem to find a way to cook or get a cooking tutorial/quest to trigger.


Feb 17

I agree. I have yet to make something in it. It also always seems to have a lag from when you hit the button to stop.

Feb 17

The lag sometimes happens to me while I craft and it makes the clicking stutter a bit and I would miss the mark 90% of the time when graphic starts to lag like that.

Feb 17

Mine moves like an inch before stopping :(

Feb 17

Ouch, that's brutal, indeed.

Yeah, I made a post in the Technical section. The delay is too big; they just need to tweak it to stop more in time with the command que. Finding things that need improving is what makes Alpha testing so important.

Hmm... gets me wondering if there will be Difficulty Levels, & if Crafting Minigame Speed will be a factor in it...?


Also, in MP, peeps who aren't able to Craft Well, might need to MP with buds who can... perhaps part of the reason this game is being Created with so much MP Potential.

Good question. I honestly hope it doesn't get faster. The mini-game provides a nice challenge to crafting, but you don't want it to get too hard for the average player to handle. I am curious to see how the multiplayer gameplay works out.

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