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Apr 15, 2018

Hiya everyone! :D


Hiya! First Post here!


Learned about this Game too late to Kickstarter it, but am interested in it after learning of it from a pal of mine. Got a couple Questions:


1: Are 2-Handed Axes in this game? (My fav Weapon!)


2: Can ya make a SP Character & a separate MP Character?


3: Are there any Lightning Dragons among the Magnus? (Dragons are my fav Fantasy Creature & Lightning's my fav Element.)


4: Any known ETA on when this game will reach Steam, the version i'll wanna play?


Many thanks for your time in advance! :)


Oh, P.S. 5: What Techno Sorcery enabled this Forum to let me Sign up to it & have it somehow already KNOW what Screen Name I was gonna wanna use here without me having to actually Input it? O_0

Apr 16, 2018


1: N, but there are greatswords in the game. I guess it's possible for sme with a blacksmith tier or higher to make a 2 handed axe as a sword.

2: I don't understand the question.

3: There's least on line of dragons, starting with the Glasswing Seirun, and there's the end of an evolution path that makes a lightning turtle.

4: ETA? The timne of lauch? There's none at this mment. We have yet to receive the (delayed) alpha.

Apr 16, 2018

Many thanks for the Response! :)


Pity on Axes being unavailable as Weapons... guess i'm buggered there. I'll deal with it. (Like I do in Minecraft.)


For #2, I was meaning does this game use one Character per World, whether it be SP or MP, or does it use one Character period for everything? For example: One Character for a SP Game Log, then a separate Character for a different MP Game Log ala Terraria or Starbound, vs One Character for everything Minecraft style.


So I can have a Dragon, or a Lightning Type...? Ok, Dragon Power gets priority. I'll deal with it.


I eagerly await the Game Pre-Ordering to arrive... i'll keep this game on my Radar in the meantime. :)

Apr 17, 2018

If I understand what your meaning, it's has not been told. But we can infer there's a HP gauge and they said about something that drains stamina(a lot), so we can guess there's astamina gauge too. As of an MP gauge, I think magic will too draw in the stamina.


Also note, you can bring up to three magnuses with you if you're playing solo. If you're playing with a friend, both of you can only bring one.

I forgot to show them, but here's the lightning tortoise. https://relegend.gamepedia.com/Great_Oriton_Tortoise

And the Glasswing Seirun(it's only yhe first stage, and it's likely it'll have multiple evolution branches, possibly each with an element(my interpretation, so possibly false) https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/019/466/222/4ea2002eba8dd019b5966bca34340351_original.png?w=639&fit=max&v=1512222150&auto=format&lossless=true&s=6d580cb2a245f8743189e2397541df2a

Another first stage that looks like it'll be a dragon is this little guy, the draconewt. https://relegend.gamepedia.com/Draconewt

Apr 17, 2018

Oh, this Game has a Wiki! Sweet! Bookmarked and will peruse at leisure! Many thanks! :D


Also when I said SP & MP Character, I meant SP = Single Player, & MP = Multiplayer. My apologies if that wasn't clear before, I thought 'SP' & 'MP' was standard issue Game Abbreviations in common use.


For example, could I make a Single Player Game Log gal character & treat her as if she was like a custom made RPG Character while playing alone RPG Style, then make a separate different guy character played during Multiplayer game playing that'd serve as my Avatar Representative Character? (Minus the unavailable 2-Handed Axe...)


My apologies at my fail Eloquence, & thank you so much for your info! :)

Apr 18, 2018

Oh! Yeah MP and Sp are often used. MP usually means like mana points and is used for magic, SP is less often used and usually means stamina points :P


And I don't know. I don't even know if we can have an avatar representative.

Apr 21, 2018Edited: Apr 21, 2018

Many thanks again! :)


To be fair, I use "Avatar Representative" personally as an informal designation... I don't think that Term actually sees common use. :)


Also I don't Avatar Representative Character in all games, & when I do, only in ones where i'm MPing with buds. There's literally zero reason to Avatar Representative oneself while completely alone in a game. (NPCs don't count.)


Thanks to the Wiki, i've learned a bit more. I'm pondering going Knuckles for my Weapon choice cause I like Martial Arts, & hoping that it's more DPS then the Greatsword so I can still feel like a awesome damage dealer. Doing damage is my fav thing to do in terms of Role, while hopefully i'll not be fragile.


Chakram seems interesting too. :D Though, seems like i'm not allowed to Chakram or Knuckles & Heavy Armor at the same time... accepting correction on that if i'm wrong.

May 12, 2018

ROFL many thanks for this! That Pic is a keeper! ^_^ *Nabs Pic*

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  • I would really like if they added in an option to hide your head gear/helm. Like a transmog option, so you can chose what your character looks like with their gear on.
  • Hawke seems to have set up camp at the camping area... No Hawke there :( I can't progress because I am stuck on this quest. Any ideas? Maybe wrong camping area? I tried both mainland and forest. Thank you :)
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