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Oct 5, 2017

Dying of old age?


I made an account just to ask this question, that no one is wondering about, to my surprise. =/ Or maybe I didn't searched enough...

Anyway, it's awesome to see that Re:Legend has almost every aspect from a Mons game, like the taming, raising, breeding and the evolutionizing (wow, that's not a word? Well, it should be! D=< ), but about about dying of old age? I'm sure something will happen to any Magnus if it gets hit too much, it could simply get injured and recover, like Pokemon, or it could straight up die, but nothing has been said about dying of old age, which I find baffling, since Monster Rancher was an inspiration.


It was a sad feature, yes, but it is something that made MR great too and I simply want to know if it'll be in the game. I'm curious, does anyone know what happens to the Magnus that get too much too? Does it get injured or does it die?

Oct 5, 2017

best to ask them in their Facebook page, they reply quite fast. This may also give them insights

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