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Sep 9, 2017

Calling all Villagers!


To those who bought the 'Villager' tier and above, including myself, what do you want your character to be like? And if you haven't backed with Villager, what would you want if you were?


Myself, I'm a 'Villager' tier and I hope you all enjoy my presence in game! ;D I'd love my character to be a nerdy and awkward kind of person with an obsession with insect like Magnuses. Dunno how much freedom will be given on design, but the more the better!


Keep an eye out for me in game :3

Sep 10, 2017

Design-wise, I'd like a rough and tough villager that likes to get her hands dirty and is aiming for the biggest crops. It might be too much of a strain developmentally, but another thing that would be neat to see is catching villagers roaming around in parts outside the village that coincide with their likes/dislikes. Like catching your villager, OP, hiding in a bush somewhere and have dialogue about "trying to go unnoticed while taking notes." That is, if NPCs aren't limited to just the village. It'd be neat!

Oct 16, 2017Edited: Oct 16, 2017

Village level is insane... e.e


I'd probably ask for one that resembles myself. Brown eyes and hair, glasses and casual clothing. She'd be kind of shy, but not the 'I'm not going to talk to you' shy. Polite but awkward, likes to help people and is very fond of animals. Takes a walk at night, spends some time alone.


Edit: I need to fully read people's posts before I respond, haha. Your contribution is amazing, Reaver! Thank you! I will bring you all sorts of bugs to make you happy! Even though I'm scared of them..

Oct 21, 2017

From mwhat I understood, I'm rather disappointed with the villager tier with them having only few lines.

However what I would mine to be like would have been is a travelling herbalist arriving int the first week of spring and leaving mid-autumn. He'd have brown hair, a leafy green shirt with a brown waistcoat.

Oct 22, 2017

I made a villager who is a tough former adventurer who retired to being a carpenter at a young age of 20 due to a tragic past and an even more tragic history for his retirement. I really want him to be a carpenter. I originally wanted him to be a cook but then I thought him being a carpenter was a more better idea.

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