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Sep 2, 2017

Need Help?


Hello, I'm rather new to this website and while I was one of the backers on Kickstarter I wasn't able to donate enough to design a magnus, villager, or weapon set. I've seen though that in the forum there are quite a few people who weren't able to either but have still come up with some amazing ideas still.


If anyone who has an idea but isn't able to draw their design out or is looking for someone who can digitally draw their concept then I'm willing to help. There are things you should probably know:

- I can be a bit slow, I am a college/university student, but I will give you my best work

- My strengths are in NPCs or Monsters/Magnus; Weapons and armor are a bit or a weakspot. If you're willing to be patient I'm willing to try.

- If you want to reach me feel free to comment or send me a message


Good luck to all the other artists and to those who are coming up with cool and new ideas!

New Posts
  • I hope they'd have some kind calendar events like the one from Rune Factory. Festivals and stuff. Imagine during Chinese new year in-game and they'd have lanterns around town and have some special minigames with prizes you can get only during that day. The NPCs would also dress differently. Fireworks on thanksgiving, some special event on your designated birthday. Random cutscenes anytime of the year. Plus, special dating cutscenes cutscenes during events. How about you? What events/festivals can you imagine in the game? EDIT: Halloween too!
  • Hello everybody, I have no idea what I should design as my weapon skin, so I decided to make a contest and give every designer who was not able to back on the weapon design tier the chance to still bring his concept into the game. Im still thinking about how the winner will be decided, but I will edit this post as soon as I know how to handle it. There are no requirements for the concept itself :) just draw what you think should be added to the final game :) Also there will be a deadline which will be on the 25th of July (which is actually my birthday)
  • HI, I'm trying to create a single player map and im trying to place the alien weapons in it (the one we get from prophet in the first crysis and the other one similar to it) when i try to place it in the map itself all i get is the entity icon that all weapons get but i cant see any weapon and i cant use it i have a picture attached that'll kinda show wat im refering to i also have this problem with grenades and a couple other weapons im lost as to wat to do to get them to work. Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://www.cryengine.com/community_archive/viewtopic.php?f=279&t=67547 eLearning Platform Video Thank you.