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Aug 25, 2017

Magnus Concept (Sombul)


Edited: Aug 26, 2017

I posted it already during the kickstarter comment section, but here we go! It's my first idea for my Pick-a-Magnus entry!

It's name is Sombul and it's a sleepy ghost friend

(Thanks to Xanaphi for the name suggestion!)

There was a vote amoung the comment section to help me decide on a colourscheme. The nebula one was the winner but the black and white one was my personal fave.

(In case anyone's still interested in seeing the others, the link is here)

I also had a thought of maybe using some of the others as special breeding rarity patterns, if the fan-made magnus are gonna be allowed to do that too. That would be awesome!

For its gameplay, I think it would be good at sleep status magic, and generally be a shy support character. Perhaps if you mount it it carries you with its giant hug arms? Or perhaps it hides inside your shadow and its just like a buff that increases your walk speed?


And I'm quite undecided so far on it's evolutions.

I'm not even sure if this should be it's baby form or if it should have an even smaller one?

Also my initial concept for its final evo is gonna be a cool ghostly headless knight, like a floating set of armour animated by flames. Shy baby got badass!


Though lol, I also have A LOT of other ideas for Magnus, so i'm not sure if this is gonna be my final design? I might just post them all in this same post as I draw them, to avoid spamming up the forum, lol


Also a little unrelated but I dunno where else to put it: have a pixel fanart of the protagonists!


Aug 25, 2017Edited: Aug 25, 2017

I love the nebula one, it's so pretty~ Your idea of breeding rarities sounds so cool too! I think the current design would be cool as a baby form, though it could work as the second stage too. Do you need any help designing? <3

Aug 25, 2017

I saw the voting contest in the Kickstarter comments, I think this ghostie is super cute and I want one! Your pixel art is also REALLY good.

Aug 25, 2017

It's interesting. I'll look forward to what it becomes. Personally, I find the nebula colored great but strange as it doesn't fit the pattern of the other rarities.

Aug 25, 2017Edited: Aug 25, 2017

Well, I think in the Magnus Breeding update they said the rarest breeds of Magnus won't even look like the original one, at that little Nebula guy really fits the bill. Also, rarities don't have to follow patterns. Look at the Momochis, their pattern changes every time. And Snachi's eye changes to a different style each rarity as well.

Aug 25, 2017Edited: Aug 25, 2017

Thank you so much for the comments. guys!

The rarities aren't really a final idea. i dunno if I explained i well, but those were all different rejected colourschemes that still had a lot of people who liked them, so I thought maybe they could be recycled as rarities? if it doesn't really work, i'd love to have fun designing some new rarities that maybe fit better. I like how the momochi examples aren't just different colours but have entirely different patterns too!


Edit: Also I was thinking that if this form isn't a baby form, it could work really well if it was unusually large? Like, big huge ghost blob as tall as your character. It picks you up like a cute pet, instead of vice versa! That same appeal is why I love Gengar from pokemon.

Aug 25, 2017

I love your ghostie! Maybe for the baby one you could do one of those little spirit blobs with eyes!

Aug 25, 2017

Also i like the black and white one better!!

Aug 25, 2017

3spooky5me. Love the design and can't wait to se it in game!

Aug 25, 2017


If branching is allowed, I could see this getting a branch like Kingdom Heart's Shadow Heartless with a last stage more badass like the Neoshadow

Aug 25, 2017

I want 50 of them. I want them all! I must have @_@! It looks so good! This needs to be in the game! I would love to see more :D! This is top quality!

Aug 25, 2017


I mean, I'm not mad that people preferred the other design, I just really liked that one so i'm happy at least one or two people liked it too


@comte_e: i really wish i could do that! I have so many ideas and its hard to decide on just one evolution line. I was hoping to do something badass with its final form though, but I'm worried maybe people will be dissappointed if there isnt also a cute final form you can choose. Having light and dark split evolutions would be awesome!

Aug 26, 2017

I love the Rare and Ultrarare! I also like B, the colors are so cute >o< Also, " It picks you up like a cute pet " LOL! I would love that.

Aug 26, 2017

I think a tough final form would be cool! Not every stage has to be cute. :)

Aug 26, 2017

I have to agree, I don't think it needs to stay cute for the final form, but please please please don't make it like the 3rd form of the fire cat from the last pokemon game.

Also I just wanna let you know how awesome it is that you went with sombul for the name. They should wander around peacefully until you attack them, then they should open their eyes and look super angry while they attack. It's one of the reasons you aren't supposed to wake sleepwalkers, you know. And people wouldn't be so surprised when the final form is something not so cute. ^.^

Aug 26, 2017

@Xanaphi: Omg, yes that is exactly the example I was thinking of when I was worried about too big of a change in the final form! No offense to people who liked that pokemon, I just feel like.. lol, maybe make it a separate pokemon and then nobody is angry? Though i don't really have that option for my Magnus, since I can only submit one design.


Also I totally agree that the name Sombul is THE BEST! Someone suggested it during the kickstarter comments section and I feel so guilty that I didn't write down their name so i could give them credit here. if anyone knows who it is, I'd really appreciate your help!


And OH MY GOSH, that is the most amazing idea! You're right, that'd totally help bridge the gap between evolutions!

So maybe it could kinda be like the Boos from mario, then? But in reverse, its not like a scary mischievous thing getting shy in certain circumstances, but a shy thing that gets a power boost.

Kinda would remind me of Drampa from pokemon, I mean its not a sleepwalker but its a nice cute pokemon that gets Super Doom Psychic Powers Death Face whenever its defending children from danger. What a quality gramp!

And I like how this is making us think about how enemy AI would work, and stuff? It could be a unique kind of movement pattern to have an enemy that outright refuses to attack until you piss it off. Maybe it could run away from you and then only turn super mode when its cornered? or maybe they could appear asleep on the map and then you have to jostle them to start a fight. it could be funny cos their moves would all be sleep spells- imagine them blasting you with hypnosis and then curling up back to sleep alongside you. Super cute!


Also: a random other solution! Have the final form look super badass and be super strong but it still has a shy personality. Big towering ghost knight that runs away from you XD

Aug 26, 2017

Actually it was me who suggested the name, from somnambul which is the technical term for sleep walking. And I love the idea of them sleeping you then curling back up, like snorlax. And yes reverse boos! "...I don't see you... ...I don't see you... OMG, I JUST WANT TO SLEEP LEAVE ME ALONE!!! ...I don't see you..."

Aug 26, 2017

Hooray, it was you! :D

You are a genius of names, my friend!! Thanks again for the help!

And omg yes, they are perfect ghost snorlaxes~

Aug 26, 2017

Ghost snorlax! Lazy and angry to be woken up! That would be my spirit animal! Maybe you should make yours the middle evolution and make it progressively more awake! Like baby is asleep, then middle is half awake, and then max is mostly awake and grumpy to the player daring enough to interupt their bedtime!

Aug 26, 2017

Wow, this is pretty amazing, keep up the creative work~

Aug 26, 2017Edited: Aug 26, 2017

Got to say, I love the designs so much! I really like the black and white one more; love dark colors lol. The U-Rare is freaking awesome looking too. Really would love to see this guy in game picking up the MC and carrying them around<3

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