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Aug 24, 2017

Kitte's Arts and Concepts


Here I'll share some of my art and concepts for the game.

This was my first piece, and maybe the one I like the best. I used semi-complimentary colors for shading. The background was really lazy though.


My second piece, where I attempted to play with lighting but I did poorly. I like the background I did though. The twin precipices and the water... yeah.


This one was just a doodley piece. I like solids though. Gotta use 'em more often.


Next, I'm working on another picture of Duskel Deer, rearing back on its two feet.


As for concepts for my NPC/weapon/magnus/boss, I don't have too many ideas yet. Waiting for the guidelines to start working on them.

The weapon will probably be a Great Shield because that's my favorite class of the eight we have.

I was thinking of an armored dolphin for the Magnus... dolphins are my favorite animal.

I'll keep you updated here.

Aug 24, 2017

Can't wait to see more concept from you :D We will be waiting....

Aug 24, 2017

They look great! Wish I was good at art stuff 😔

Aug 24, 2017

they are really awesome :) especially the first one :D I love it

Aug 25, 2017

I love the sound of an armoured dolphin for a magnus, can't wait to see it!

Aug 25, 2017

Nice art!

If you need any help for your concepts I can help you out!

Armored dolphin sounds really cool though, I bet that it will turn out awesome!

Aug 25, 2017

I am really looking forward on your design for your magnus, boss and sword.

Your artwork looks amazing and that is really promising for what you will design for the game.


Please keep us updated (:

Aug 25, 2017

Thanks to everyone for your kind words <3

Aug 25, 2017

I think I saw some of your fanart on twitter! But its nice to see it again plus some new ones :D! Very cute and well done!

Aug 28, 2017



Okay, first sketch... I'm not completely happy with it. The armor is supposed to look like Lagi's bony armor from Panzer Dragoon, by the way--not classic metal. The rings around its tail would be made of water and instead of a blowhole the creature has a feathery "mohawk"... I don't know. I could use some ideas/crits.

Aug 28, 2017

Looks good so far!


I see some point which you could improve though.

Best thing you can do is use some references for your Magnus... because almost no one, not even the most experienced artist, can draw all the things only from imagination. :)


The base shape of your dolphin looks a bit weird - if you look at a real dolphin, you might notice that it has a bit the form of a banana, when jumping (more or less, at least).

Your pose is a bit different, but the main body (where the lungs and so forth are located) can't bend that much. Also see this image here for instance: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b3/Dolphind.jpg/200px-Dolphind.jpg


The forehead probably needs to be a bit less 'bulky'... If you look at real dolphin again, you notice that the whole body is quite streamlined.


And only my personal opinion: I really love those rings and I feel like you can probably make them a bit wider / bigger for a better overall effect on the viewer.


I also attached a quick paint over to visualize what I mean. Always find them great to visualize improvements. :) ...bear with the scrawly lines, had to draw it with the mouse, since I don't have access to my tablet at the moment :O


I really like the idea, keep up the great work!

Aug 28, 2017

Thank you, but I'm not really concerned with how well it is drawn at the moment.

Aug 29, 2017Edited: Aug 29, 2017

So I thought about your dolphin Magnus for a while.

Here are my thoughts (this is just my opinion, if you don't agree with me, simply ignore me):


I think while your Magnus is somehow cool - love armored creatures - it is very focused on the dolphin part. This takes you pretty much the freedom to go wild with your concept.

The solution? Maybe it would be cool to mix in elements of other animals. You can design a baby dolphin as first stage, something along your line for the second stage and for the third stage maybe something a bit different.


Here are some ideas I think would work great:

  • Since your Magnus have some 'snake' features at the moment, I thought: Maybe you can keep it that way intentionally! And the third stage of your Magnus would turn into an armored dolphin sea dragon (think of a Japanese dragon here).

  • This one might sound weird, but: Maybe you can mix in few elements of a sea slug into the final stage (look some pictures up in the internet, they are beautiful!). I thought maybe giving it a "mane" of colorful tentacles surely might work, or maybe redesign its fins a bit more broader, more colorful, maybe with some 'side fins' (along the lateral line).

  • Or maybe you can mix in a sailfish, with its big back dorsal fin.


If you want to stay true with the dolphin concept, these are probably all bad ideas, but I think there are probably also some other possibilities to make the concept a bit more interesting without losing the animal you base on, the dolphin, all to much.

If you stay with this concept and this is for example your second stage, it would be quite difficult to come up with a cool third stage, without repeating too much again... and if this is your third stage, I would find it quite difficult to come up with a fitting second stage.


Hopefully this helps you a bit!

Aug 29, 2017

It does, thank you.

Aug 29, 2017Edited: Aug 30, 2017


Edit: made the fins smaller






I changed the fins thanks to Aurora's suggestion. Tried making the dorsal big, too, but I think it looks better smaller, just by a smidgeon.


Anyway, I also drew a color coded top-down view so you can more easily tell what's armor and what's not.


What do you guys think of the change to the fins? Good? Bad?

Aug 30, 2017Edited: Aug 30, 2017

Is it just me or those fins looks like kukries? On the drawing, it looks a bit awkward since it doesn't seems the dolphin can move its fins to slice and dice. I love it if they are! and it's makes the game(and attacks with those), I'm totally calling one that!(Slice&Dice).

I like Aurora's suggestion of a sea snake, of course it'd ghuess it's be something like a sea snake with a dolphin's head(and fins&tail, or would would it be be dolphin with the body of a snake? ummm...)

Edit: Ooh! I think I misunderstood the color! the white is the armor and and the blue is the dolphin! It's breaks my thought of kukries as fins....

Sep 1, 2017

I'm pretty tempted to "reverse" the armor on the wins to make them look like kukries now. The only thing iws, you're right, it would be awkward to attack with. Maybe they can just be for show.

Sep 1, 2017

To make it less awkward to attack with those, I think it could have enough mouvement range of the fins to move rotate them by 180degrees and then simming past enemies to cut them.

Sep 4, 2017Edited: Sep 4, 2017


Might be the color scheme I go with. I had/am having a lot of trouble with the color scheme and markings. Sorry it's so messy looking, too.


or the reverse:




Sep 5, 2017

There is different rarties anyway. One can be the common and the other the uncommon(although, I believe rare and ultra-rare(?) should spice things up)

Sep 6, 2017

Thanks, but I don't think I'll use my uncommon and rare forms for something so simple. Look at Momochi. Completely different markings and everything. I wanna do something like that.

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