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Feb 9

No Options? set Resolution...?


I have a Ultra wide (3440x1440) monitior. The game is defaulting to some odd resolution and there is no way to change it? SO its zoomed alot of cutting off the edges of the screen. Can we change or temporily hack the game to show a proper resolution? even if its not 21:9 for now?

Fixed with a workaround but no ultra wide support it seems. Will it Launch with it by chance?


I got it to auto adjust by using Alt+Enter to switch back and forth from full to window mode and moving it to a second 16:9 monitor, getting it to adapt to that, then moving it back. Its using black bars though.

Feb 9

I have the same issue, seems to be cutting off the top and bottom for me at 21:9


Feb 10

The same thing happens to me with a Ultra Wide Monitor with a 2560 x 1080 resolution!


Noticing the same issue here with resolution

: The day/time seem to have their location preset to 16:9. I use 16:10 and it is a little off

Today we got an Option for Controller Input Settings and Screen resolution and also Grafic settings :)

Just noticed there is a update with some level of config. No Wide aspects but its better then nothing so far.

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