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Aug 25, 2017

What are your favorite songs or ost's?


As the title says post some of your favorite gaming music/ songs etc! I will start us out :D! Here are some of my favorite!










Aug 25, 2017

No replies yet eh? Well you picked some good ones OP. I also like the Undertale OST.


I'll start with one of my main inspirations for... well, just about everything, Ecco the Dolphin. A cute lil game with horror lying underneath, and a great soundtrack. The Genesis OST is energetic and melodic while the Sega CD OST is orchestraic and atmospheric. And then there's the "Defender of the Future" soundtrack too, which has a lot of spooky tracks in it...


Well, here's some of my favorite songs from the series.



This is a good example of one of the Sega CD tracks. Very peaceful, with the aquatic noises and whatnot.

And this is one of the Genesis soundtracks! A rockin' track used for a "boss" fight.


And my favorite track from Defender of the Future, from the second half of "Master of Forgotten Skills."

Aug 25, 2017

@Kitte Thank you! I also like the OST's you picked out! I never played those games sadly D: ! Anyways let the music flow~!







Aug 28, 2017

xD favorite ost has to be sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2 those songs are great by themselves even with out the games

Aug 28, 2017

You like Legend of Mana and Wild ARMs? A person after my own heart, ahh.

Sep 1, 2017

Rune Factory 4, most of Nobuo Uematsu's works in FF4 through 8 and Yuzo Koshiro's work in Etrian Odyssey and 7th Dragon wins my heart.

Sep 26, 2017Edited: Sep 26, 2017

A few of my favorites. ^^

I initially wanted to stick to 6 total and 1 track per game, but couldn't decide between star of darkness and angel's fear for my SoM entry. I'll leave it at this because honestly I'm liable to flood the topic otherwise. x'D









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