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Aug 24, 2017

Sharing is Caring


Edited: Aug 24, 2017

thank you guys for showing your love by sharing Re:Legend with everyone you know, so that we could be supported by so many awesome members. Everything starts from the word " sharing", we are sure that there will be many other things like Music, OST, Anime, Manga, Movies, Dramas or even other Games that you would love our fellow members to try! Post it here and see what others are doing, while waiting for Re:Legend.

Aug 24, 2017

My favorite anime is Fairy Tail! I love it so much. Two of my favorite whimsical movies are Big Fish and Stardust.

Aug 24, 2017

The Death Note manga is being released as an all-in-one time, 2400 pages in one book, so I just ordered that! Looks ridiculous!


I spend more time reading novels than manga or watching anime, and I definitely second Stephybot's recommendation of Neil Gaiman's Stardust - if you don't read it at least twice, I'm not sure you know what a good book is!


My favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, and Neil Gaiman. Would recommend pretty much anything from any of them.

Aug 25, 2017

Re:Legend reminded me of a lot of my fave monster-related games as a kid!

I hope you don't mind if I ramble a bit, I just think maybe these would be interesting to tide people over until the game comes out. Though, they're all super old!

* Jade Cocoon is a neat old japanese mythology styled dark adventure with art by Studio Ghibli. The monsters themselves are a little simple and samey, but its necessary because it has a really innovative system of fusion that lets you create potentially thousands of combinations! But since it's done via an automated re-skinning engine on some very simple polygons, it can sometimes glitch out and make some scary looking messes. Still, a great game I could never forget!


* Jade Cocoon 2 is also a thing, but its wildly different so (sadly) a lot of fans despise it. For whatever reason, they decided to throw away both monster fusion and the dark mythological tone, this one is a pretty standard pokemon-y experience with more humourous characters and a focus on cuteness. Though I find it enjoyable in its own way, the goofy characters are far more endearing than the flat ones in the more plot-driven first game, and the new spinning ring battle style is unique as all heck! (Well, it was until Yokai Watch came out all these years later)

I kinda wish it had been released as an entirely separate product, it doesn't even have many story ties until the endgame...


* Azure Dreams is a super difficult roguelike dungeon-crawler starring the newest teen hero of Monsbaiya, a weird place that inexplicably contains a 40-floor tower of hellish monsters, just casually right there in the town center. Brings a lot of tourism, at least!

Your initial motive is to search for your father who vanished while exploring the dungeon, but honestly the plot is quite thin. The focus is more on a kind of Rune Factory esque daily town life, where you can actually fully customize rebuilding all the buildings with your hard-earned winnings from the tower.

Also, the interesting twist to the monster catching mechanics is that your hero's level magically resets every time he enters and exits the tower, while your monsters don't. However, monsters take up inventory slots and can only use a certain amount of attacks before going back to sleep, so you have to do a lot of figuring out how much you can handle on your own and when exactly to use your limited monster resources. It gets pretty deep and addictive!

* Monster Rancher is kinda the closest thing we've had to a monster farm game until now, so I was super hyped to join the Re:Legend kickstarter when I heard it was inspired by this series!

Its a lot more menu-based than Re:Legend though, and doesn't really have any standard rpg dungeoncrawling, just monthly tournements for fame and fortune. Also, oddly enough, no growing crops on your farm! Its just 100% a livestock farm for monsters. but this does mean that the monster raising has a LOT of detail put into it, there's a 'spoilt/strict' scale and weight and favourite foods and so many in-depth ways to cheat the system and wrangle more stats from each precious week in this strict timeframe. Cos technically any monster can become strong in anything! You can freely customise their stats through a bunch of cute little training scenes, with your only limit being your monster's lifespan. So, starting stat builds still matter a lot cos its a good head start on certain things, plus different monster types have different attacks that benefit more from different stats. But still, mostly, you get to decide absolutely everything about your monster!

It also has a lesser degree of the same fusion system Jade Cocoon had, which is AWESOME. You can't combine every single monster like in that game, but it also means it isnt a cost-cutting auto-generation system. There's actually a fully designed unique model for each combination, and even a cute lil trading card with some Lore and a drawing. Some of them are indeed just 'monster 1 with monster 2's pattern', but some have really creative interpretations of this! For example if you fuse Suezo (a small round cyclops pal) and Zuum (a green dinosaur), you get... a watermelon with an eye.

Apparantly there's a LOT more games in this series than we got in europe, though! We literally only had the first PS1 game, I think? I don't know anything about the later ones that got dubbed in america, except how jealous I am that you guys got to enjoy more of this adorable series!

New Posts
  • The Game was not very clear on what to do next. did i reach the end of the alpha/ or am i missing soming?
  • I need a game to spend time while waiting for this masterpiece to be published . I want monster taming games just like MHS , But for PC please . thanks ^_^
  • Have you ever thought what you'd like to see Story of Seasons or Rune Factory cross-over with? Once, I joked on a forum about Rune Factory crossed with Fire Emblem. It could have the monsters presents the classes. However, I'd think it'd be more like the villagers have classes themselves and you'd see enemies on the field you could recruit for your barrack, the new barn, to help with on your farm and fight with you. I'd think the recruitable enemies should be rogue/unaligned characters(neither with you nor on the antagonist's side). In term of stat, they should relatively random, random around a standard, possibly weaker or stronger than it. It would also make those NPC possibly weaker or stronger than the villager, but most likely just average than them. I'm also more thinking it should take more on Rune Factory 4 than from Rune Factory as a system. I don't see much how a tactical RPG could blend well with the laid-back style of farming.(not to mention a chapter may take a long time to complete). So what have you thought this and what you would like to see SOS/RF be blended with?