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Sep 19, 2017

Life Like Village


It would also be nice to make the village people more life like, in the aspect of them always having somewhere to be at certain times of the day, the week, work etc.

Sep 21, 2017

I think that's a given, but I'd like it if it's malleable, (I remember this in an Harvest Moon or a Stoey of Season) where there's spot in the character' schedule where there's many different options. Like one Monday afternoon, they could be at spot A while the week after could be at spot B.

Sep 21, 2017

@ ForestDew im not a troll man/girl idk im assuming guy( # I JUST DONT KNOW ANYMORE DONT JUDGE ME ;-;) thats cool too im not gonna blaze you out just because we think differently. We'll just have to see witch suggestion is taken into consideration. I'll accept either way, but being honest I might come back to this post and say, "I TOLD YOU SO" XD.

Sep 21, 2017Edited: Sep 22, 2017

Kind of like something like this


Please ignore that XD... But you get the idea town events like these make you feel invloved


Or like this in them always having somewhere to be. This was one of the most popular games everyone played, the only problem of this game where literal tiny request, like having the kid look like you, character customization, four party members, or an online. There was always something to do, and somewhere to be. The only reason these people stopped was because of bankruptcy, and it was because they did not manage the money right, or someone stole. Their sales however, where through the roof. It would be wise to pattern after them. No offence.


#Just Sayin.....

Sep 21, 2017Edited: Sep 21, 2017

I, am a hardcore gamer, I have had the RF4 game for a freaking year and a half, and there are STILL town events or awesome individual events I have not seen. What im saying is that Re:Legend could potientially beat all the rest of its genre including the swansong rune factory 4. IF they play their cards right.

#Just Saying........

Sep 23, 2017

While RF4 was a fun game, Taking the path of RANDOM timed events is one should definitely avoid. That system seriously was padded game time, being unable to advance relationships because you had to wait for the right event.,Or sometimes not even getting certain events because of RNG, or even missing npcs/blocking progress because an event uses certain characters. Not sure if you saw the kickstarter, but the devs did mention this game takes alot inspiration from RF and Harvest Moon so I have confidence they'll develop something great.

Sep 25, 2017

@ Variation yeah I know i most certainly see your point, but I, just really hope this game turns out well. I, mean this game has tons of potential, its already gone right where most have gone wrong. I'll try have more confidence in them.

Sep 27, 2017

I understand what you mean I have played rune factory since it first came out and harvest moon in 2004. Since the Magnus game said their inspiration came from those games, I invested a lot more than I usually would have into this game. I really want to see this game reach it's potential and have an equal or higher standing than Rune factory 4 and Harvest moon since I haven't seen any news for Rune factory 5 and the Harvest moon game is the only one I still continue to play. I really hope that the backers villagers can have more potential than just being simple villagers and the game living up to the potential the magnus studio has made it to be. I really look forward to it's beta so it can still be developed even further.

Sep 27, 2017

@ KnightShade

Heck yes with you all the way. Including what I said on my other post about FOR THE SOLO PLAYERS.

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