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Aug 27, 2017

Any Idea to make combat and farming great?


Edited: Aug 27, 2017

Can anyone show the idea of how it should be?

Just collect the idea in case dev come to read. We all pay for this at least we all have something to say, right?

I don't want the combat with the boss to be too easy and make some weapon meaning less.

What kind of mechanic do we need to make combat difficult and illustrate teamwork with friend?

Also, what kind of thing we need to make farming fun and reward for doing rather than go out hunting?

This is the part about great shield that i write so far in Weapon and Armor Ideas/Theories topic:


All weapon should be able to block, but depend on the type of weapon the damage block vary Like:

Chakram , bow, staff and prism only 20%-40% depend on tier

dual blade and gauntlet 30%-50% depend on tier

great sword 40%-60% depend on tier

great Shield 50%-80% depend on tier. also should include some skill to take damage for friend or boost our own DEF and aggro boss or other mob to ourselves. probably swing slower than Great sword,but can protect friend and magnus in battle.

The highest tier of Shield should be Genbu or Spirit turtle shield



I want this game to be challenge rather than hit it till it died kind of game. Working together with others character to kill the boss. I expect boss to hit like a truck and we have to support one another to kill it. if boss can be kill easily why something like shield or healing skill even exist? Also, plz limit the number of item we can carry when we have to go out of town like on item window, we got orange box indicate our backpack and other blue box indicate our storage in village, when we go out of town, blue box disappear and left only orange box. i don't want to see people to spam their unlimited 999x potion or other healing item when fight the boss. one small box can only carry 10x potion or depend on item size. You have to get a bigger bag to carry more and the new bag can be found in store with very high price tag or optional Boss extermination quest. We need to work together to kill this boss since optional boss is stronger than normal boss.

Is it possible to add familiarity to each type of weapon in the game? the more you use it the more skill you got for that weapon and increase efficiency of the weapon like higher damage or increase attack speed or increase block bonus or DEF boost when equip. Also, can we dodge enemy attack in this game? like rolling or dash to the side like MH. Do we have stamina to keep note or we get unlimited stamina to farm and fight monster. Dodge attack will make shield less important, but it help balance weapon if Shield can block boss attack and take damage for friend.


Aug 27, 2017

To comment on the farming aspect, having a mmo type system with the skills would be good but also have it in a tiered style so you can see what the work you put in rewards you.

Aug 27, 2017

I would like it if there were bosses scattered in random places like in fantasy life or breath of the wild!

Aug 27, 2017

I just hope you cant solo a boss no matter how strong or funded you get. Just like maplestory, the good ole days were when the community came together as one to kill a boss. The game today, its all about who can solo faster. Not intresting at all

Aug 27, 2017

Honestly @Melona, I am kind of the opposite here. Whilst that could be nice in theory, I would hate never being able to finish the game because my friends don't buy it, and when they do buy it play for like 5 minutes get bored and never play again. That's why I dislike so many mmorpgs, as I am pretty much the only person I know who likes them and it means I barely ever can do all the cool content.


So I would rather have it bosses scale to the number of players, so that no matter what the fight is always a challenge but it doesn't feel like I need somebody to buy the game to continue.

Aug 27, 2017Edited: Aug 27, 2017

If i have to say about the example of this kind of game, it should be Rune Factory 4 with the difficult scale from number of co-op player, like @Carlossey said.

On the other hand, if you play solo and able to kill the boss by yourself, you might get some extra reward and keep everything for yourself, while in co-op you have to share it with friend. Since this game is co-op base we should see that all weapon is hard to solo.

Also, @Carlossey i think we can invite stranger to help us so don't mind about your friend too much.

Random boss or strong Magnus is also exciting to encounter because it is boring to feel safe all the time, if boss only appear in boss room.

For Farming, i still said RF4 and old Harvest Moon is still a good reference for Dev. Not sure how to comment on it. Maybe they should add the level to seed, we plant. There should also be some plant food and soil upgrade for sale. when the plant fully grow we are able to cultivate the seed from it, which is +1-+2 depend on the level of plant food and soil you got. Max seed level is lvl 10 or something like that. the town should hold the festival to see who got the biggest fruit or flower. Some Magnus is able to give us egg, milk, or wool, if it win the festival, it might be able to give us golden egg, golden milk, or golden wool or dev can make it platinum, if it also win in second time. the quality of product is depend on how happy that magnus is.

Lately, i really excite to play the game like Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, Salt and Sanctuary, and Darkest Dungeon so i kind of like the feeling of reward when we can overcome the obstacle and press onward. I know that it kind of ask too much from dev, but easy game can make me sleep on my keyboard. So i wish it to be fun and challenge to play game.

Aug 27, 2017

This game is first & foremost a single player game with a multiplayer capability. The only time I would play with others is when my husband is able to play or with people I have befriended & gotten to know well within the community. Most of the time people have different play time schedules & it would be hard to coordinate a time where everyone could join in & play. I most likely would not group with random players to complete an objective. This is not an MMORPG so I would not think it wise to make people play in groups to accomplish task. They can make it as challenging as they want as long as a single player can achieve said task on their own. I would rather wait & see what the team has to say on this topic because I am sure they have a fully functional idea already fleshed out. Once they put their input in I think then would be a better time to add to the topic.

Aug 27, 2017

By the fact that the current plan is that you are the host of the save file and people just join you and will not take the progress with them, I guess it will be beatable as a single player. It sounds like it will work like the co-op for Borderlands or Dark Souls.


On the other hand: Since it seems like the worlds will be opened via portals it should be possible to mark a world as finished even if you are just coming to a host file as soon as you come back to your own game.

Aug 27, 2017Edited: Aug 27, 2017

@BrogKitten From the very beginning this game is Coop Monster-Raising RPG, which mean it urge people to play with others. you can still play solo if you want, there is no problem at all. i just said that you should be able play with stranger if you want to since everyone got different play time anyway, troll is surely going to happen in this kind of game. Still want to see all of their idea, but there should be a place for Dev to inspire some idea.

Aug 27, 2017

from the beginning the Dev said that multiplayer would not be required to play the game, it will be an option for those that want to play with friend, but solo play will be able to clear the full game without requiring multiplayer. They also stated that they dont want to punish people that play solo by forcing multiplayer on them, so there wont be rewards exclusive to multiplayer.

Aug 27, 2017

@Smashedwookie Yeah i already said that if you want to play solo you can. i never said that play Coop will get more reward, i said play solo and you don't have to share loot with other player.

Aug 27, 2017

Can anyone said something other than find fault in other people comment?

Aug 27, 2017

All this time ive been thinking that this game would of been a mmorpg style game. But if this is a single player game with a multiplayer capibility, i will disregard my comment as that would be my idea of an ideal game ;)

Aug 27, 2017

@Melona MMO is massive muitiplayer online, after all. This game is not even consider online game in my opinion.

Aug 27, 2017

Yeah, ive been thinking this game would of been multiplayer. xP

Aug 27, 2017

I just had an idea with the problem of loot sharing. In Terraria Expert Mode, as the bosses scale to the amount of players, upon a bosses' death loot bags are given to everybody online. We could do this in this game as well, that way not only soloing won't be hard (Pleasing the singleplayers) and the loot would be given to everybody (Pleasing the group players).

Aug 27, 2017

@Carlossey Yeah, since this game is not an online game like Destiny. everyone should get the same loot.

Aug 27, 2017
Can anyone said something other than find fault in other people comment?

@Weiss There is nothing wrong with giving a different or opposing viewpoint as long as it is constructive, respectful & adds to the topic. Please be understanding, Thanks! :)

Aug 28, 2017

The newer harvest moon games have a "brand" ranking system where if you win the corresponding festival the brand goes up and your crops can sell for more this may be a good way to implement progress and encourage putting in work in several different areas. for example in harvest moon at the end of the season you are given a chance to enter a competition of several types (veggie, fruit, animal produce , flowers etc) and your chances of winning are based off of quality of goods. whether said quailty of goods is ranked E- S, 0-5 stars, or by Lv can effect the game you could put in multible rankings say both stars and lvs and kinda do a combination where you can have the stars represent the time and hard work put in to the crops and the lv is from growth over time. in Harvest moon ds you can lv by replanting the same seeds on top of itself and the higher lv the more its worth. i forget how it worked in rune factory but i believe it was fertilizing to raise the lv. it will be great to see what the creators come up with since the game is influenced by both series as well as many others


Aug 28, 2017Edited: Aug 28, 2017

on another note. from what I've read and seen you will have the option to play with friends or random people for multiplayer. the game itself is fully playable by yourself if you want and wont have any penalty's like you can only get this vanity item if you play with friends . they want the game to be as enjoyable in single player as it is in multiplayer. this can be shown a bit in how in single player you can take 2 magnus with you instead of in multiplayer each player can take 1 so we can expect some kind of scaling seeing as in single player you can have a team of 1-3 and in multiplayer 2-8 (8 being 4 players + 4 magnus) xD its gonna be intense i cant wait to play

Aug 28, 2017

Yeah, it might be hard to breed legendary magnus because you need two of them, but i still want to try.

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