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Oct 3, 2017

Magnus Fanart Concept


A while back during the kickstarter campaign I had came up with this little guy.

Even though I didn't back with the "design a magnus" tier, I still loved this little so much that I drew up some evolutions.


I ended up coming up with this:

And this:

Then I decided that this wasn't enough and I started modelling my fanart concept's first form.


Unfortunately I got super sidetracked with another project I'm working on. :(


But I did managed to get it to this state:

I feel like I could have done a slightly better job. (Especially with the skin weights)


For those of you who like to see some specs/details:

I am still pretty happy with out it turned out.


Maybe once I'm done with my other project I'll be able to get back to this little guy and add a little bit more flavor in the textures, fix up the rigging/skinning and then animate him. Maybe even take a shot at modelling the other evolutions.


PS: I have no ideas for names, so if you think of something cool feel free to add it to the comment. :)

Oct 3, 2017

Seeing designs like this makes me wish I could have afforded the design a magnus tier XP

Hm... I get such Egyptian vibes from this guy... The first stage makes me think of a pharaoh, the second reminds me of Anubis, and the final being as majestic as it is makes me jump to Set the god of storms. Although Set doesn't really look dog-like as much as Anubis does XP Just feels more appropriate to name it after a god of thunder, ya know?

I keep thinking of alternate names trying to related to electricity or royalty or something... Joltal is probably the best I got XP A combination of Jolt and Jackal. So Baby Joltal, Joltal, Elder Joltal. Or if you want to name them each different, maybe like... Spark Prince, Jolt King, Storm God. I'ono XP

Oct 3, 2017

Heh, you know I never noticed the Egyptian theme until you mentioned it. Wasn't my intent at all but I like that it ended up that way. :)


Joltal is pretty a pretty cute name. <3 Though not sure about the evolution being baby/elder. Hmm.. I do like the idea of following something similar though. But not those exactly. I'll see what others come up with too. Kinda of excited. XD


And yes I totally wish I could have afforded the Design-a-Magnus too. Too bad the campaign wasn't up during the work bonus time or tax return time. ;p

Oct 3, 2017

XP Only reason I suggested Baby/Elder was cuz I was basing the name off the known Magnus on the wiki and one of the few full chains we know of is Rollfin and it's just known as Baby/Elder at the beginning and end respectively. I wasn't exactly keen on that either, but I wanted to try and make it as close to Magnus names as possible.

Oct 4, 2017

Those are really lovely concepts, really love the colors!


Also, if I were I would send the concepts to the devs even though you don't have the legendary tamer tier backed. After all, you have nothing to lose, the worst that can happen is that they say no. :)

Or maybe ask them if you can back the tier retroactively.. You know, I think they are really kind people and surely will listen to you!

Oct 4, 2017

:) Thanks


Honestly if it makes it in the game or not, I had fun working on this and it was good experience. :)

That's ultimately what matters.

But maybe if my bonus is really nice next year, I might see about retro-active backing. :D

Thanks for the idea!

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