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Aug 27, 2017

Design Collaborations


I already wrote some ideas about collaborating in the comments section of the campaign. I would like to write them here down in a more official way and would like to know from the Devs if this could be done.


I, myself, was not able to afford any of these tiers, by far not, but would like to encourage people to work together and make maybe less designs but by that more awesome and unique ones.


Equipment Design:

-Creating a weapon that changes its appearence under certain conditions. This counts, of course, as more than one design and should therefore consume more than one blacksmith. We already have a planned collaboration of 4 people creating a seasonal weapon. There could be of course weapons that change appearence by biome or what kind of enemy has been last hit by them or what kind(s) of Magnus you are accompanied at the moment.

-Instead of creating a weapon you could create an armor piece. There appears the problem that single pieces maybe do not fit into the overall appearence of the character. Thus, having collaborations there would be an option to create a complete armor set.


Magnus Design:

-Having a lot of new Magnus is generally really nice. But it would be maybe better to not have a huge amount of linear 3-stages Magnus. Therefore, I suggested that there could be a cooperation of 2 or more people creating a multi-path Magnus. This would mean that they have a common baby stage but then split up in their 2 (3?) branches with certain conditions. Just like the other Magnus already shown in their evolution charts.


Boss Design:

-What I have in mind is more a collaboration between Boss and Magnus Design. Instead of creating a complete new Magnus for the Boss it could be awesome that the Boss is a 3b (4th stage) of the Magnus they have created. And a possible special way to optain this 3b stage would be that you have to have this Magnus in your team as stage 3a and beat the boss to evolve it to its 3b stage.


If somebody of you have any good suggestion for other collaborations I would update this post to include them.


If the Devs would give the permission to this kind of collaborations, I would try to help people coordinating collaborations if they want to be in one.


I think with these possibilites we are getting a real win-win situation for both the players and the Devs. All these types of collaboration take away some of the workload of designing models since a morphing weapon would have a common base model and a branching Magnus will have more similarities to its babyform. And there would be a little less designs overall (2 backers only have 5 Magnus together in a branching chart, for example)

On the other hand, having such special weapon dynamics and branching/special evolutions gives more uniqueness and diversity to the game. Furthermore, people having a little trouble with designing stuff can get help by their collaborators but will still be able to bring in their own ideas.


I appreciate any feedback, new viewpoints and ideas.

Aug 27, 2017Edited: Aug 27, 2017

The four people weapon is an amazing idea that I really hope makes it into the final game! I'm cheering you on, seasonal team!

Aug 27, 2017

Yea, if that seasonal weapon is made that'll be super cool! And I think combining is the way to go here, so much more can be done if you do.

Aug 27, 2017

thankfully we have time till the surveys. we are working on it xD trying to figure out exactly what to do for the summer weapon but we are all in contact

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